Venice Travel Guides

Where should I begin? This is the question all tourists who arrive in Venice for the first time ask themselves. This city has so much to offer that it's near impossible to say what the best places to visit in Venice are. Palazzos, churches, campi, bridges, Saint Mark's square: it's really hard to say what you must see in Venice and what you can leave off the list. A trip to Veneto's main city would be incomplete without Palazzo Ducale, San Mark's basilica or the Bell tower... but also Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs and the Academy Galleries cannot be missed! What's more, in addition to all these traditional Venetian tourist locations, there are also so many hidden gems that Venice reserves to those who really want to get to know the city. Wander along the narrow streets, enter the sottoporteghi and discover concealed alleys: Scala Contarini del Bovolo, Ca’ Rezzonico, seat of the Museo del 700, the Peggy Guggenheim gallery, Ca’ Pesaro or the Correr museum. This is just a taster of what there is to see in Venice. Then there's unique experiences, such as exploring the canals on a gondola in the shade of the giant Eastern Gothic façades which have make the city so unique and well-known, or taking a tour of the islands to see the showy patterns of Murano glass and the colourful fishermen's houses in Burano. If you want to make sure you are really visiting the city and seeing the best places in Venice, the ones you really can't miss out on, put your trust in the experts of Avventure Bellissime. They'll know how to give you advice, suggestions and ideas on the attractions and exhibitions in the museums. Together, you can plan a tailor-made itinerary that will transform your visit to Venice into the trip of a lifetime.