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Is one of your dreams to take a big trip to Italy but you think it would be too difficult to travel with your children? Are you worried that your kids may not enjoy some activities? Are you thinking it is impossible to design a perfect vacation schedule, suitable for both parents and children? Don’t worry, in Italy, with us, you can do it all!

All you need to do is find the right places and activities to experience a real dream vacation, for both you and your children.

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Avventure Bellissime offers you a unique way to experience Italy. With our customized Italian tours, you can decide everything: we can arrange every activity and accommodation to your taste and needs.

Here are some activities for families in Italy we recommend you try. Get inspired by these experiences and let us help you build your very own personalized vacation.

All activities can be fully personalized according to your physical condition and to your family’s or party’s needs.

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Family Holidays to Italy

We make Italian history fun for everyone

When traveling to a foreign country, your biggest wish is to make the most of your time, especially in a country so full of history and monuments like Italy. However, one big concern comes to mind if you want to travel with your children: how to make sure everyone is having the best time?

Avventure Bellissime is the answer to create the perfect vacation for you and your family. We have a selected team of guides for kid-friendly tours: they are specialized in making history come alive, even for little children. For example, with our exclusive private tour of the Colosseum, you could visit one of the most iconic monuments in Italy while at the same time learning something interesting about Roman history in an extra fun way.

If a classic tour doesn’t seem fun enough for you, how about learning about a city in a more unique way? In Florence, your family could enjoy a Renaissance treasure hunt, which would take you to the most famous monuments of the city while feeling the thrill of a super special treasure hunt.

Alternatively, in Venice there are two magical islands for both kids and grownups. Enjoy the Avventure Bellissime’s kid-friendly tour of Murano, where you can see the master artisans forging the most amazing and colorful glass, and Burano, famous for its exquisite lace work and brightly colored homes.

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Family Adventure Holidays in Italy

Have a kid-sized adventure

Do you think that a family vacation can’t be adventurous? Think again! With Avventure Bellissime you can plan the most fun adventure in Italy your family can imagine, tailored to your family’s needs. All our tours are suitable for all types of physical condition and can be adapted according to the age of your children.

For example, in Northern Italy you can explore the wonderful Caves of Caglieron in Veneto: a tranquil trek, where you can immerse yourself in nature listening to the calming sound of water. For water lovers, we also recommend trying kayaking in the Amalfi coast, in Southern Italy: paddle away with your kids into the calm sea at sunset for some special family fun.

Another memory-making activity we recommend you try is a summer toboggan run in South Tyrol, near Austria: surrounded by the majestic mountains, you can throw yourself down the mountain in complete safety. A 100% adrenalin-inducing but perfectly safe experience that you’ll remember forever.

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Fun Family Activities in Italy

Fun for the whole family

Have you ever dreamed of doing a tour of Rome by Vespa with your partner? Add a sidecar to the
scooter, and it can become a truly fun family adventure! Explore Rome’s highlights on a Vespa scooter, seamlessly connected with our English-speaking guide via professional headsets. But safety first: your family will be provided with an approved helmet, in different sizes also suitable for children, and with hygienic precautions.

If you would like to get some fresh air for you and your children in nature, and at the same time learn something, you could do that with our special day at an organic farm in Tuscany. There, you’ll see animals in their natural environment, and discover how much more tasty local specialties like cheese and oil are if you try them on the spot.

In Venice there are also plenty of activities for all the family to enjoy. With a mask-making creative workshop, you and your kids could learn about the history of Venice through crafting masks. In addition, you’ll get to bring home a hand-made personalized gift that will remind you of this beautiful day forever.

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See how many family activities you can do in Italy?

You can combine any of these inspirational experiences and more to create your dream vacation: tell us what you want and we will do our best to make your Italian dream come true!

With Avventure Bellissime you can be sure that everything is taken care of, and you can just relax and enjoy your trip. See what we provide.

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We are a large family with 5 young and extremely energetic kids. This was our first international trip together, as a "test" for future trips. This company made it a home-run, an absolute success. This was our first trip in Italy, I am 100% coming back every year!

- Mr. Stark, Israel

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