Avventure Bellissime (Beautiful Adventures) is an Anglo-Italian fully-licensed and bonded tour operator that has been operating tours for incoming individuals and groups to Italy since 1999.

How do I book a tour?

Will I receive a booking confirmation?

Do you work with travel agents?

What exactly is included in my vacation?

How do I cancel a tour?

Do you pay commissions to travel agents?

What is your cancellation policy?

How do I amend a reservation?

How do I contact your office?

What happens if I lose the voucher?

Can I bring my voucher on my device or do I have to print it?

What kind of information do you need to book one of your tours through your website?

How far in advance should we book?

Can I book one of your tours over the phone?

What do I need to do if I need to reserve a larger group than the size you advertise on the website?

How do I find out prices for multiple tour reservations and/or family special rates?

How do I pay for the tour? Can I pay on the spot?

Why am I asked to provide my date and place of birth on the booking form?

Do you accept American Express?

Is your site secure?

What currency are prices displayed in?

Can I pay for your tours using a foreign credit card?

Are there any special rates for children?

Are gratuities included in the price of your tours?

Do your tours operate in English?

Do your tours operate in bad weather?

How will I find the meeting point for the tour?

How will I recognize the tour guide?

Is there a dress code?

Are your small group tours guaranteed to operate?

What happens if the tour doesn't reach the min number of people required?

How early should I contact you to reconfirm my tour?

What is the difference between a small group tour and a private tour?

How to read prices for tours?

What is a combo tour?

Do you pick up from hotels on your small group/semi-private tours?

When is the best period of the year to visit Italy?

Do tours operate on national holiday dates?

Can wheelchair users join your group tours?

Are the skip the line tickets included in the price?

Are meals included in your tours?

Is the passport or ID required at the tour check-in?

Are the day tours vans non-smoking?

Are pets allowed on the tours?

What happens with tours if there is high water?

Is the St Mark's Basilica opening guaranteed?

Is there a dress code?

What happens in case of strikes?

What happens if I am late for the tour?

I have a combo tour and I missed the first tour - can I still join the other tours?

I purchased the Dolomites / Hill towns tour but there are two Tronchetto stops on the map - where do I meet the tour?

What is considered a centrally located hotel for tours including hotel pick-up?

Are the St Peters's Basilica and Sistine chapel openings guaranteed?

Why am I asked not to bring a backpack ( rucksack) for the tours including Colosseum?

Can I join the Rome tours with a wheelchair?

Are clients with special dietary requirements admitted on your day trips including lunch?

Are there any restrictions on joining tours going to Cinque Terre?

Are clients with special dietary requirements admitted on your day trips including lunch?

If my client decides not to take a tour or part of it, is there any refund I can ask for?

How do I book a tour for my client online?

How can I book more than one tour in the same reservation?

How can I access to my travel agent reserved area?

Where can I visualize my NET reserved rates on the online booking process?

Can I secure my booking with an initial deposit and pay afterwards?

Do I need a PayPal account for my online reservations?

Can I pay with the clients’ credit card? Or, do I have to pay with my corporate credit card?

While booking online where do I add the lead traveler’s name if I am paying with my corporate credit card?

In which currency will I pay for my customers’ tours?

How do I get a custom quotation?

How do you send out travel documentation?

Do my clients need to present Avventure Bellissime voucher at the meeting point? Or, can I use my corporate vouchers?

Does my client need travel insurance?

What are the rates you apply for travel agents personal tours?

What exactly is included in my vacation?

What is not included in your vacation package prices?

Are prices published in the brochure applicable for any travel dates?

Why can't I book my package directly via your website?

What is your booking procedure?

Why Book with Avventure Bellissime?

Who travels with Avventure Bellissime?

Can I purchase a customized package?

Are the tours featured in the packages guaranteed to operate?

When will I receive my travel documents?

What is the policy if I have to cancel?

What is an add-on?

Does the price include taxes?

How much is the compulsory tourist tax?

Does your company offer Travel Insurance?

What is your payment schedule?

What currency are you taking payment in?

How many luggage items can I carry?

Force Majeure

Do I need a visa to travel to Italy?

Public holidays in Italy


What is the difference between a twin-bedded room and a double-bedded room?

What are the lazy hours in Italy?

What are approximate costs of food in Italy?

What is the best time to travel to Italy?

Is English widely spoken in Italy?

Do all your hotels have non-smoking rooms? Is air-conditioning included?

Will someone be available to assist me at the destination?