Rome Travel Guides

Rome: the eternal city. How could we summarise the greatness of the Italian capital and the empire which has defined the world as we know it in just a few words? How could we list the main Rome attractions or best places to visit in Rome without running the risk of being reductive or forgetting something essential? Rome has been the centre of the world for centuries: it has borne witness to the great events which have defined Western history. All great artists known on a global level have come through Rome; Rome is where styles, history and cultures formed and met, each one making its mark and leaving its trace. The Colosseum, the Imperial Fora and the Pantheon are emblematic of a moment of power and magnificence in which the world and the Empire of Caesars were one and the same. Piazza Navona and Bernini's colonnade showcase the splendour and pomp of the Roman baroque era. The wonders of the Sistine Chapel and the artwork contained in the Vatican museums - the most visited museum complex in Italy - bear witness to the richness and breadth of artistic genius which, throughout the centuries, found fertile ground in the streets of the capital. However, these landmarks are but a tiny sample of the immense variety and abundance of attractions and places that Rome has in store for those who visit it. If you wish to go on a religious tour, you cannot miss the monumental basilica of Saint Peter's and the wonders contained therein: Michelangelo's Pietà, Bernini's Baldachin, the ascent to the dome or the Holy Door. If you would rather immerse yourself in classical Rome instead and visit the Rome attractions - physical representations of the power in Rome - then there's another itinerary for you: it is one that not takes you to the Fora and the Colosseum, but also to Trajan's Column, the Domus Aurea, and the Circus Maximus. And if this is not enough, in Rome, you can visit the places of power which once represented (and still do to this day) the political life of the Kingdom of Italy and the Republic: Madama Palace, Capitoline Hill, Montecitori Palace. Not to mention the Dolce Vita, the attractions that made it famous around the world, such as the Trevi Fountain from where Anita Ekberg called Marcello Mastroianni in Federico Fellini's masterpiece. These are just some examples of the personalised itineraries that the experts at Avventure Bellissime can create based on your preferences. Together, we will help you to create your dream trip to Rome; these tours will take you to the best places to visit in Rome, Italy and, more importantly, to the places that interest you the most.