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Tourist information on selected restaurants and where to taste local food at affordable prices!

Just like great art, exceptional cuisine is also a representation of Italian excellence, and there's no place better than the capital to discover it and experience it. In Rome restaurants, you can try the thousands of delicious dishes which have made the Mediterranean diet famous around the world: pizzerias, pasta restaurants, trattorias and inns are just some of the places where you can go on an exploration of flavours, scents and food and wine pleasures.

Eating in the best restaurants in Rome, such as the ones that the experts of Avventure Bellissime will recommend, does not only mean experiencing Italian food; it also means understanding the important moments and great history of the capital. In the Alfredo alla Scrofa restaurant, for example, you'll get to experience the roaring 60s.  On the walls in the corridors, photographs of great Hollywood actors who have eaten Alfredo's fettuccine and homemade pasta, greet the visitors who come from all over the world to try Rigatoni alla Rigore (a variation of Amatriciana) and other traditional dishes of Roman cuisine.

On the tables of the Pancotto Restaurant near Piazza Navona, it is possible to observe Roman nights come to life in the so-called "entertainment triangle" while eating specialities such as parmigiana and the chef's ravioli.

Do you want to know where to find the best restaurants in Rome and enjoy the pleasures of Italian and Roman cuisine? Trust our experts: they'll recommend a wide selection of restaurants in Rome and the best places to eat.

La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali
Via della Madonna dei Monti, 9 (Near the Colosseum)

Ristorante Ditirambo         
Piazza della cancelleria 74/75 (near Navona Square)

Ristorante L’Angoletto  (good for fish)        
Piazza Rondanini 51 (near the Pantheon)

Ristorante InRoma   (good for carbonara)            
Via dei Fienili 56 (near the Roman Forum)

Osteria del Sostegno            
Via delle Colonnelle 5 (near The Pantheon)

Ristorante Colline Emiliane
Via degli Avignonesi 22 (near the Trevi Fountain)

Forno Feliziani - caffetteria                      
Via Candia 61 (Self service for a quick lunch near the Vatican Museum)

Ristorante da Armando al Pantheon
Salita de Crescenzi 31 (near the Pantheon)

Osteria Barberini
Via della Purificazione 20 (near Via Veneto-Piazza Barberini)

Girarrosto Toscano
Via Campania 29 (near Via Veneto)

Ristorante Ai Due Ladroni always fresh fish
Piazza Nicosia, 24 (near Piazza Navona)

Ristorante Al Grappolo d’oro  
Piazza della Cancelleria 80/84 (near Navona Square)

Pizzeria Obiká
Piazza Firenze 28 (near the Pantheon)

Antica Pizzeria fratelli Ricci  “Est Est Est”                               
Via Genova 32   (near Termini Station)    

Trattoria Cadorna
Via Raffaele Cadorna 19  (near Termini Station)

Typical food to taste:

CARBONARA (pasta with egg and bacon)
are similar but totally different, and they are a symbol of roman cusine
GRICIA (pasta with parmesan and bacon )
MEATBALL with tomato
NDIVIA, it’s a green vegetable boiled and cooked with pepper and olives
CARCIOFI ALLA GIUDIA, fried artichokes cooked at the traditional way
PUNTARELLE, a strange king of vegetables with a sardina sauce