About Avventure Bellissime

Avventure Bellissime (Beautiful Adventures) is an Anglo-Italian fully-licensed and bonded tour operator that has been operating tours for incoming individuals and groups to Italy since 1999.

Meet The Team


We are members of the ASTA (American Association of Travel Agents) and ETOA (European Tourist Association), Avventure Bellissime works with tour operators and travel agents from around the globe.

The company owners, Monica and Jonathan, started their adventure operating innovative small group tours from Venice to the Venetian countryside. Since then, they have followed their own beliefs and intuition, continuing to expand and develop their business along the same simple lines of "Quality tours at affordable prices".

Our History

The foundation of our values and philosophy lies in our
company history.

We take pride in offering clients unrivaled experiences when visiting Italy. Since the beginning we have pledged to provide high-quality, affordable, full-fledged tour services which made our company one of the top competitors in the Italian tourism industry.

For 20 years we have enjoyed a close rapport with our clients to develop the highest standard of private tours in Italy. By understanding the wants and needs of the people who travel with us, we have learned what a genuine Italian tour should be.


In 2002, Avventure Bellissime became the very first Italian tour company to offer guided boat tours of the Grand Canal and a comprehensive selection of walking tours in the popular tourist mecca of Venice.

Incredible, but true!

It didn’t take long for Avventure Bellissime to be recognized in the travel industry, as founders Monica and Jonathan developed a definitive travel niche: quality tours of Venice at the most affordable prices.

Over the next few years, Monica and Jonathan built an impressive group of collaborators in Venice, before extending the service throughout Italy: local expert guides, local expert drivers and professional transfer services with fully licensed vehicles. Our professional team offers top-notch private tours of Italy, providing tourists with a unique insider's view of the Italian cities that we call home.

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In 2004, Avventure Bellissime expanded their Italian network offering regular small-group tours in Rome and Florence, and private tours throughout Italy from Milan to Naples.

As the company's business continued to expand at a phenomenal rate, the two founders decided to invest in technology to manage the increased demand for their services. In doing this they have created the infrastructure through which they could continue to grow without giving up the core values and philosophy of Avventure Bellissime.

Our company has continued to develop through the loyalty of our clients, the pool of companies around the world selling our Italian tours who give valuable input, and support provided by their numerous collaborators participating in this beautiful adventure.


In 2007 over 60,000 individual travelers experienced tour services from Avventure Bellissime.

The next step in the development of our new services was a comprehensive offering of vacation packages in Italy. We combine a vast selection of services in our packages, to include the finest-quality private tours of Italy, transfers and prestigious hotels.

We ensure that all of our services are in line with our existing high standards, from day tour to fully custom vacation package.


Since 2008, Tours Italy has continuously expanded its travel deals, first conceiving then turning into a reality the many different and exciting ways to discover and explore Italy's beauty first-hand, whether embarking on a tour which is a few hours long or a few days long. 

Avventure Bellissime is much more than just a tour operator. When you reach out to us to organise your dream trip, you are choosing an unforgettable and unique experience, because we tailor our packages to the needs of each and every traveller. Avventure Bellissime really is a boutique tour operator which works closely with its clients to create their perfect holiday, allowing them to have an adventure which can make all their dreams come true and meet all their expectations.

In order to achieve this, or in other words, in other to give clients a truly high-quality product, we rely on the expertise and consultancy of a tight network of experts who, thanks to their varied competences, allow us to enrich a range of packages even more and provide travellers with insider knowledge of what it's like to live in each of the places visited.  Our number of collaborators and professionals is always increasing and, from the gentle hills of the Langhe in the North to the sunny beaches in Sicily in the South, they make it possible to create customised holiday experiences designed around the needs, desires and interests of each client, encompassing many different important aspects of a trip, from art to food and wine, sports to R&R.

Our passion for our work is what motivates us to put client satisfaction and fulfilment at the heart of our business model.  This is why we pay a great deal of attention to our clients' needs. Just like a dress tailor-made for whoever is going to wear it, our travel packages are personalised based on the style and personality of whoever is embarking on them. This is why we like to think of ourselves as artisans, capable of giving  travellers an experience which is unique to them, and is designed with them. Like one big family, we collaborate with our clients in the creation of a travel project which enables them to have an unforgettable experience. 

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