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Born in Poland, Aleksandra has lived in Italy for over 10 years and during this time she has always worked in tourism. Prior to joining Avventure Bellissime, Aleksandra worked for an incoming agency based in Jesolo, a seaside resort just north of Venice, where she literally ran the show for a small tour operator looking after all the logistics and requirements for clients visiting Jesolo and other resorts along the north-east Italian coast.

Aleksandra joined Avventure Bellissime in 2010 and initially worked in our operations department. Her excellent English both written and spoken, combined with her desire to take on new challenges enabled her to become our main salesperson for vacation packages and other general tour enquiries. A role she has made her own, enjoying an excellent rapport with her clients, who all benefit from her in-depth knowledge of Italy, and the products and services Avventure Bellissime offer their clients.

Aleksandra is an exercise fanatic, being a member of two different health clubs located in two different towns to ensure she doesn't miss her daily exercise. Her favourite sport is cycling, and she enjoys heading off down back-roads on her bicycle in all kinds of weather, all year round. She also has a passion for films, and during the Venice film festival in particular, you'll find her at one of the numerous venues watching featured films of the festival.