I come from Bormio, a world-famous ski resort in the Italian Alps. I have a degree in Languages & a Master in Tourism from the University of Venice. I joined Avventure Bellissime in 2017 where I work in the operational side of Avventure Bellissime helping to ensure that our tours and vacation packages run smoothly.

Diligent, precise and a very good communicator I worked for many years in his family’s restaurant in Bormio where I had the chance to develop his customer service skills and learn foreign languages. Although, still very young, I have managed to travel a lot, along with work experiences overseas, and like other travellers I realized that traveling has the capacity to open one’s mind to new possibilities and new horizons.

But, I feel fortunate to have found my own place in the world where I feel at home and certainly Venice is the right place for me. I enjoy working for Avventure Bellissime in a working environment that has allowed me to develop to find my own identity and role within the company.

Apart from travelling, I also like working out at my local gym, all kinds of music, especially Japanese music since I love the culture and the history of Japan. I like watching movies and tv shows and I do like photography too! And, I always have my camera with me as I love photography and living in a city like Venice you have unlimited photographic opportunities