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Avventure Bellissime (Beautiful Adventures) is an Anglo-Italian fully-licensed and bonded tour operator that has been operating tours for incoming individuals and groups to Italy since 1999.

Avventure Belissime have always provided prompt & professional service, as a busy Travel professional they are a pleasure to work with.

For my clients, the guides are the gems, bringing to life the wonders of Italy in a personal & educational way.”

Mrs Ferguson , Luxury Bound , Sidney , AU

The know-how we have accrued from a tourist perspective in such a competitive industry has allowed us to specialise and improve our proposals over the years. 

Since 2002, Avventure Bellissime is the first company in terms of importance to organise guided boat tours on the Canal Grande. 

Thanks to the expertise we have developed by working with tourists from all over the world and driven by customer satisfaction, we have extended our proposals to other cities and now operate in these main Italian destinations: Florence, Rome, Milan and Naples. Today, our network of collaborators and professionals can offer a wide range of experiences which, from the Langhe to Sicily, aims to create personalised travel experiences which meet every need.

Our headquarters in Venice are still the place from which most of the guided tours and trips we organise depart. The privilege of operating in a city which is such an important tourist destination allows us to make our deals as varied as possible. 

Why should you choose us?

  • We are locals: all the guides we collaborate with are in direct contact with hoteliers, drivers and all suppliers. This allows us to give a quick response in case someone needs assistance. 
  • Experience: our company has been on the market since 1999 and our collaborators and guides are professionals with over 10 years' experience in the tourism industry.
  • Quality: we personally visit and inspect our hotels and choose to work with a limited group of selected locators in order to meet our quality standards. All the guides we collaborate with are extremely well-prepared and speak fluent English. The cars we reserve for our guests are Mercedes or similar vehicles and our drivers speak English. We organise visits for private client or small groups. Tickets to the main attractions are already included in the price.
  • Patience and flexibility: most our services can be personalised to adapt to the needs of our travellers: when a potential client contacts us, we first  make sure that we know what they want to see, what they expect from the trip, and what price they are willing to pay for the unforgettable experience we will put together for them.  Then, once we've gathered this key information, we design the best options which will satisfy our client's needs. 
  • Honesty: We do not commit to offering services we cannot provide. We do not try to lure clients in with false promises or smokes and mirrors, and they reward our honesty and professionalism by booking anyway.  
  • Excellent command of English: all our employees and guides speak fluent English.
  • Rapid assistance: our goal is to reply to every request within 24 hours.

Come and discover our suggestions and sign up to our market place: here, you can book Avventure Bellissime's products and benefit from the special net prices reserved to agents.

Or get in touch with us at [email protected] to contact our travel agent sales team.

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