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Our youngest and most recent addition to Avventure Bellissime, worked as a seasonal worker for the company over the last two years during the busier summer months. Due to her diligence and hard work, we decided to offer a full-time position as she continues to develop within the company.

Unlike our other employees, we discovered Giorgia at our local Land Rover dealership. Her father who works there told me about his daughter who spoke excellent English and how she couldn't find a job. At the time we were looking for a seasonal worker to help coordinate the meeting points for our tours in Venice and to take care of data entry to process bookings, and to respond to telephone calls. Now, as a permanent employee she has begun to assume other roles within the company.

Born and raised near Venice she enjoys an active social life and along with Claudia spends four or five days a week at the local gym working out. Her dedication to following her duties, and her desire to develop within the company have made her a valuable resource within Avventure Bellissime. All her colleagues were all very happy to welcome her as a permanent employee as she seems to fit perfectly into the structure and direction of our company.