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Tourist information on popular recipes to make dishes found in the restaurants of Rome at home. Tourist information includes a list of ingredients and all the cooking tips on preparing your perfect Italian meal!

Recipe for Fettuccine Alfredo for 4 servings

Ingredients - 250 g thin egg fettuccine
150g unsalted butter
150g Parmesan Cheese

Freshly made noodles are dropped into boiling water and taken out as soon as they rise to the top - fresh pasta does not have to be boiled as long as the packaged kind. The unsalted butter is placed on a hot, oval serving plate where you have to put a little water used to cook the pasta. The fettuccine is poured on top, and the finely grated Parmesan is then sifted all over the pasta.


Recipe for Italian Roman Jewish-style Artichokes (carciofi alla giudia) for four servings

4-8 artichokes
1 or 2 lemons
olive oil

Remove the hard outer leaves of the Artichoke and scrap the hard part of the stem., cutting 5 - 10 cm off the end. Carefully cut the hard part of the leaves with a knife beginning on the outside. Immerge the Artichokes in a bowl of cold water and lemon juice, which prevents them from browning. After draining , take each artichoke by the stem and hit it on a flat surface until the leaves open like the petal of a flower in bloom. Cut-away the beard-like choke form the center if present and pepper the outside. Immerse in a large pan of boiling oil. Let cook without letting the tips of the leaves burn. Drain, place the artichokes on a serving plate and pour more boiling oil on the artichokes to make them crunchy. Serve hot.


Recipe for Italian Roman Eggplant rissoles with basil for 4 servings


2 Eggplants
1 clove of Garlic
Parmesan Cheese
50g breadcrumbs
hot red pepper flakes
extra virgin olive oil
1 egg

Peel the eggplants. Cut them into small pieces, sprinkle with the herbs and put in oven for 30 minutes at 220C. In the meantime, sauté the garlic with the red pepper. Add the cooked eggplant , stirring until all of the eggplants water evaporates. Take of the burner and add the Parmesan, breadcrumbs and salt. Work in a food processor, adding the egg. Roll into balls and fry. Serve the rissoles covered in a tomato and basil sauce.


Recipe for Italian Roman Veal fillet with Armagnac, sultanas and pomegranate serving 4 persons

1 kg of Veal filet
1 onion
1 stalk of celery
1 carrot
½ cup of white wine
½ cup Armagnac
½ cup of cream meat broth
70 g Sultanas
2 pomegranates
extra virgin olive oil

Sauté the veal filet. When it turns a golden brown, add the chopped onion, celery and carrot. Add the wine and Armagnac. Add the broth, and cook. When completed, filter the sauce and put back on the fire, adding the sultanas, previously softened in tepid water. Add the cream and let the sauce thicken. Just before serving, add the pomegranate seeds. Serve the sauce on the roast, sliced thinly.


Recipe for Italian Roman Gnocchi with Broccoli for 4 servings

800g potato gnocchi
450g Peeled Tomatoes
2 ½ l of fresh cream
200g of Broccoli
½ clove garlic
Parmesan Cheese

Heat the oil and add the Garlic. Add the broccoli and cook for a few minutes on a high flame. Add the Tomatoes, previously squashed, and cook for a few more minutes. When the juice from the tomatoes is reduced, add the cream and alt to taste. In the meantime, cook the gnocchi in salted water. When cooked, add the sauce and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.


Recipe for Italian Roman Offal with Artichokes for 4 servings


1 lamb offal ( spleen, lungs, liver, heart and kidney)
4 Artichokes, preferably Roman
½ small fresh onion
1 cup of white wine, preferably Frascati
1 small clove garlic
4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Clean the artichokes well, slice and put in water with lemon juice. Put the oil, crushed garlic and finely sliced onion in a pan. Put on the burner, and when the oil is hot, add the offal cut into pieces ( not too big). Cook on a high flame, stirring often to brown the offal. When it begins to whistle, add the artichokes, salt and a bit of pepper. Cook for a few minutes. Add the wine, lower the flame and cover. Be sure not to over cook or the offal will become tough. Divide onto four hot plates.


Recipe for Italian Roman Chianino Filet in a mint and Chianti Sauce serving four people


4 slices of beef filet, about 150g each
50g butter, plus a bit extra
2 cups of reserve Chianti
1 Tbsp aged balsamic vinegar from Modena
1 medium scallion
4 thick slices of bacon
1 bunch of thyme
4 Potatoes

SLIDE THE SLICES OF BEEF, SALTED AND PEPPERED, ONTO A WOODEN SKEWER., ALTERNATING WITH SLICES OF BACON. Place them in an oven at 200° for about 15 minutes. In the meantime, finely chop the scallion and brown it gently in the butter. Skim off the grease. Add wine and the sauce that dripped from meat. Let the sauce thicken to about half on a high flame. Lower the flame. Add the thyme and some whole peppercorns. Finish the cooking. On four warm plates, distribute the filet slices without the bacon, add the balsamic vinegar to the wine sauce with the fire off, stir well and cover the filet with the sauce. Garnish with some leaves of the thyme and accompany the plate with a potato cooked in the oven foil with a chunk of butter.


Recipe for Italian Veal cutlet with porcini mushrooms for 4 servings


4 veal cutlets, each approx. 200g with the bone
2 cups white wine
4 Tbsp olive oil
porcini mushrooms, sliced and cleaned
cherry tomatoes

Cut, salt, and pepper the veal cutlets. In a copper frying pan, heat the olive oil to a high temperature and brown the cutlets on both sides. Remove from pan. Sautè the white wine, chopped parsley and mushrooms for 3 minutes. Heat the cutlets in the mushroom sauce for 2 minutes. Serve with a garnish of cherry tomatoes, potatoes and zucchini.


Recipe for Italian Polenta with Meat serving 4 people

2 calf's brains, washed
Juice of 1 lemon
¼ cup chopped celery
225g ground beef
1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup Nuoc-Mam, a Vietnamese fish sauce
1 cup white wine
1 cup Polenta

Remove the membrane and veins from the brains. Soak in cool water and half of lemon juice for 1 hour. Drain and rinse. Bring 8 cups of water to a boil. Add the remaining lemon juice and brains. Cook for 8 minutes. Drain and dice. Brown the celery, brains, ground beef, aniseed and pepper in the olive oil. Add the Nuoc-Mam and the wine. Simmer for 45 minutes. Meanwhile, bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Add the Polenta whisking, simmer , stirring for 45 minutes. Spoon into the oiled round mold with a hole in the centre, put it down, and turn out onto a platter. Serve the sauce in the centre.