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Information pages include the weather in Venice, Currency in Italy, How to get to Venice, Transport in Venice and Information on Marco Polo Airport.

Below you will find useful information that will help you plan your upcoming trip to Venice, Italy.

Weather in Venice, Italy

Located in North-East Italy, the climate in Venice changes dramatically through out the year. In the winter the temperature can drop below freezing, while in the summer the temperatures can soar to a dizzy 35 C / 96 F. Although the climate is variable with influence of the nearby Alps and warm winds sweeping in from North Africa, the humidity remains high all year round. Because of the water that makes Venice so unique, the cooler temperatures feel colder and the warmer temperatures hotter. During the fall and winter months Venice can suffer from flooding, that in November seems to occur almost on a daily basis. The flooding of Venice is directly related to tides in the Venetian lagoon. So high water "aqua alta", normally only lasts a few hours a day.

How to get to Venice

Below you will find listed links to various resources on the web to assist you with information on how to get to Venice once you arrive in Italy. If you arrive by plane into Marco Polo Airport, or by train into the Santa Lucia railway station you will find public transport available to travel in and out of Venice. One word of warning - Venice is a city of narrow alleyways and quaint little bridges. It is very easy to get lost in Venice, especially on your first day. If you are unsure about how to get to your hotel or you are carrying a lot of luggage, take a water-taxi directly to your hotel. These taxi's are available from all arrival points in Venice.

Venice Airport - Information on Marco Polo Airport

The new hi-tech design Marco Polo airport of Venice was recently opened and has won praise from both architects and the travels who use this facility to arrive in Venice. Built on two levels its simplicity and careful planning have allowed the facility to dramatically increase the number of air passengers arriving at Venice over the last couple of years. While at the same time avoiding the chaos and confusion that characterizes many other busy airports.

On the ground floor is located the arrivals area where you'll find car rental agencies, water-taxi reservation desks, cruise agents and escorts, public transportation and tourist information booths, while on the first level of the airport you'll find the departure gates along with a duty-free zone filled with numerous shops offering a multitude of Italian products.

Transportation in Venice

There are two main means of transportation in Venice, pedestrian and waterborne. Waterborne transport consists of water taxis and waterbuses, or "vaporetto".

The local transport authority site has information on getting around Venice using the local public transportation, including timetables for the waterbuses (vaporetto) and a map of Venice transport system.