June 16th, 2016


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It’s difficult to describe Venice in a word or two. It is beautiful, and that is probably an understatement. It is absorbing. It is romantic. And it is most definitely unique.

Here, Italian tour experts - Avventure Bellissime- explain what makes Venice such a unique city.

Its formation

Venice was founded over 1,500 years ago on 117 different islands that are linked by 150 canals and around 400 bridges and pavements.

The buildings are supported by, and built upon, oak and pine piles that are driven deep into the ground. They are secure because the soil is so water logged that there’s no free oxygen in it, so there’s no decay.

It is a survivor

The city exudes confidence. It is a series of islands and so is at risk of flooding, but that has never stopped the Venetians building the most spectacular buildings and structures here.

It survived Napoleon, and World War 1, when it became a naval base, which increased its risk of enemy attack. It also came through World War 2, and an Allied attack on German naval operations in the city.

It is a pioneer

Venice is a pioneering city because it has been built on water. It’s a unique way to construct a city. But, what is also unusual is that the city seems to have had full confidence in these building methods because it built things like beautiful marble palaces and churches on these foundations and never worried about their survival.

In a further demonstration of its pioneering status - when the plague struck, the city invented the concept of quarantine. It was in Venice that the ‘assembly line’ approach to manufacturing – in this case, shipbuilding – was invented.

Water is at the heart of the city

When you visit Venice, you will see that water is incorporated into the life of the city since Venice is made up of 117 different islands. All holidays in Venice will involve a water-based trip of some kind – whether it’s on the Vaperetto or aboard a gondola.

The most famous water based landmark is the city’s Grand Canal. Its banks are lined with the city’s most famous sights and stories.


Venice is home to some fabulous food – which is perhaps not that unique in Italy. But, what is unique is its ‘lagoon aquaculture’, which provides the city with speciality seafood and produce that you can’t find elsewhere in Italy.

Its plethora of top attractions

There is a plentiful supply of attractions, sights, art galleries and museums in Venice. Some of those that make it stand out as a unique destination are:

  • Rialto Bridge – the best place to view the Grand Canal.
  • Basilica San Marco – the well-known and beautiful church that’s associated with Venice. It is located in San Marco – one of Venice’s six districts – and this district is associated with tourists.
  • Piazza San Marco – the square in the heart of Venice that Napoleon once referred to as ‘the finest drawing room in Europe’.
  • Palazzo Ducale/ Doge’s Palace – a stunning and beautiful example of gothic architecture.
  • Accademia Gallery – the world’s greatest collection of Venetian paintings. Napoleon moved all of Venice’s great art here in 1807.

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