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Venice city tourist guide to the San Marco district of Venice that includes tourist information on the major landmarks of Venice that including St Mark's Square and Basilica.

San Marco is historical heart of Venice, where the majority of hotels are located for tourists visiting the city of Venice. The following section contains tourist information for the district of San Marco, St. Mark's square as well links to tourist information on other districts of Venice.

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The district of San Marco is every much a labyrinth of narrow alleyways and canals, and enchanting bridges that encircle the wide-open spaces of the square of San Marco or as the locals call it - Piazza San Marco. Take our Small Group Essence of Venice Walking Tour for an indepth introduction to Piazza San Marco & St. Mark's Basilica.

The Basilica of San Marco is Venice's most dazzingly beautiful structure in Venice and it beauty reflects the faith and devotion of Venetians to their city.

Alongside the Basilica, is the Doge's Palace which is arguably the most important building in Venice as it housed the Doge and the governing councils of the Venetian Republic that together help create the most liberal and free state in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Just behind the Doges Palace you'll find the "Bridge of Sighs" connecting the Palace with the prisons of the Doge's Palace

Towering over these two structures is the bell-tower of San Marco. To enjoy a delightful view of the city, especially at sunset, take the elevator ride to the top of the tower to look-out over the skyline of Venice and hopefully the nearby Dolomite mountains.

In the evening hours, after the crowds have left for the day, the square takes on a different character as the cafe orchestra's fill the night air with music. Pull up a chair at one of the famous open-air cafe's and breathe in the atmosphere of days gone-by.

Along Via Marzo XXIII, close to San Marco square you'll find all the expensive boutique shops like Fendi, Gucci, and other famous Italian brand name shops. For non-shoppers, along the same street you'll discover the Church of San Moise which features a lavishly decorated facade in a Baroque style that reflects episodes from the successful mercantile lives of the Fini famly who were patrons of the work.

Hidden away in the back-streets of San Marco is the famous "La Fenice"opera house that was recently opened last December after a devastating fire some ten years earlier. Carefully restored, a new opera season is planned in the coming year. For theater lovers, the San Marco area also boasts the famous Goldoni and Malibran Theaters.

In the sunny and pleasant Campo Santo Stefano which is ideal for a morning or afternoon coffee, you'll find the Church of Santo Stefano. The church houses burial monuments to some of Venice's most illustrious citizens, included one in a neo-classical relief by Antonio Canova.

In and around Campo San Luca you'll find numerous bookstores with a wealth of high quality literature on every concievable aspect of Venice and its rich history. In the evening hours, the churches in Campo Bartolomeo and Campo Santo Stefano host classical concerts.