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This guide is very useful for everyone who wants to know wich are the best things to do and see in Venice. Find out more!

Things to see and do in Venice seem almost unlimited when you consider the historic centre of the city has remained intact over the centuries as Venice escaped conquest until Napoleon brought an end to the Venetian Republic.

Sightseeing in Venice is like no other city in the world and with its numerous tourist attractions only a stroll away it offers the tourist  a unique experience. Allow yourself enough time in the city so you can cover at least the principle sights and things to see and do in Venice!

The attractions for the visiting tourist are numerous, and sightseeing will depend on how many days you are staying in Venice. Below you will find further information on some of the major tourist attractions of the city, with additional links to particular districts (or as Venetians call them "Sestiere") of the city where other attractions can be found.

One of the main tourist attractions in Venice for sightseeing is Piazza San Marco (St. Marks Square). Within St. marks square are many keys for the first time visitor to help them start to understand the uniqueness of the city of Venice. On one side the square, it opens up on to the Bay of San Marco, and this was originally the front gate to the city of Venice as in ancient times people arrived via sea routes into the city.

St. Marks features the tourist attractions of St. Marks Basilica, The Doges Palace, its soaring bell-tower and numerous other important buildings that line the rest of the square offering a great start for your sightseeing in Venice. Admiring this authentic treasure is certainly one of the things you have to do in Venice!

The Basilica of St. Marks is probably the most visited tourist attraction in the city, a must-see sight for sightseeing in Venice for the first-time visitor. To avoid the long limes outside the Basilica take our Original Venice Walking tour to enjoy a thorough introduction to the city of Venice and to get a true sense of the place and along its two-hour route you'll enjoy some great sightseeing and see many fine examples of tourist attractions in Venice.

The Doges Palace, Palazzo Ducale, is another popular tourist attraction for the sightseeing in Venice. It stands alongside the St. Marks Basilica and the two buildings echo influences of the East in their architectural style. The Byzantine-Gothic style of architecture is another reason why the tourist attractions of Venice are so unique.

Sightseeing in Venice is unlike any other city in the world. The Doges Palace was the home of the Venetian ruler the Doge, and his government. On our Tours of the Doges Palace avoid the lines and enjoy a fascinating tour of both the lavish public rooms and the famed secret itinerary of the Doges Palace.

Another tourist attraction of Venice is a ride in one of the famous Gondola's with a Venetian Gondeliere along the narrow canals of the inner quarters of the city. This mode of transport provides a very different view of the city for sightseeing in Venice.

Avoid Gondola rides along the Grand canal as the water-way is to wide and open, the ideal ride on a Gondola is on the back canals where you pass under enchanting bridges through narrow channels dominating by picturesque palaces to enjoy a more intimate experience of the city as you would do on our Small Group Gondola Rides.

The Grand Canal is Venice's biggest and most elaborate tourist attraction stretching from the railway station to the far end of Venice where St. Marks square is to be found. Sightseeing is especially fulfilling along this precious waterway lined with palaces, churches and numerous other buildings reflecting the uniqueness of Venice. This particular tourist attraction of Venice is best viewed by boat on our Grand Canal Boat Tours which provides the ideal method for sightseeing along its route.

To assist you in your planning of your trip to Venice, below we have listed additional information on tourist attractions and sightseeing in the other parts of the city.