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Tourist information on Andrea Palladio's Villa La Malcontenta located along Riviera del Brenta, in the region of Veneto, Italy, close to the city of Venice. La Malcontenta is one of the finest Palladian Villas that you can visit with the Riviera del Brenta's Villas guided tours, and it lays testament to the great Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio and his famous Palladian Villas. Tours of Villa La Malcontenta can be booked departing from Venice.

The Villa Foscari, more commonly known as the Villa Malcontenta, is featured on our Private Palladio Villa Tour

The Villa Foscari at Malcontenta by Andrea Palladio was built for one of the more wealthier clients of Andrea Palladio. Unlike other patrons who cut costs where ever possible, the Foscari's asked Andrea Palladio to turn-up the architectural volume on this building so that it would truly reflect the importance of the family and its role in the history of Venice.

The Villa Foscari at Malcontenta was built during the 1550's, and in a way represents the transition of Andrea Palladio from being an architect who merely copied to one who assimilated all his experiences to forge his own unique style.

The rear, southern-facing facade, is almost slavish copy of the work of Guilio Romano at the Palazzo Te in Mantova. But, the main facade is true Palladian, and like some works of Michelangelo it holds the viewer in awe of its beauty and magnitude.

Nowadays, the Villa Foscari, or Villa Malcontenta is as famous for its legends as it is for its design by Palladio. Legend has it that one of the brothers banished his wife to live in the Villa after she led a rather poor life in Venice.

But, this is just a legend. In fact, the name Malcontenta comes from the hamlet in which the Villa Malcontenta is located. The hamlet has always been known as Malcontenta, because in the old days thieves and robbers "Malcontenti" in Italian, used to seek haven in the nearby marshes.