Private Guided Vicenza Walking Tour

Private Guided Vicenza Walking Tour

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Enjoy an in-depth look at the architecture of Andrea Palladio in this Private Walking Tour of Vicenza. Experience the essence of Renaissance art and architecture with our private walking tours of Vicenza. Delve into the architectural genius of Andrea Palladio as you explore the city and Villa Rotonda. Guided by our expert licensed tour guides, visit iconic landmarks such as the Teatro Olimpico, Basilica, and numerous other Palladian buildings, including the renowned Villa Rotonda

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3 hours

Private Guided Vicenza Walking Tour

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Duration: 3 hours

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Included in the Private Vicenza Tour
  • Local Expert English-Speaking Palladian Guide
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Exploring Palladio's Architecture with your Expert Vicenza Tour Guide
Specifically centered around the city of Vicenza, Italy, our walking tours of Palladio & Vicenza immerse visitors in a diverse array of Palladio's works, like the iconic Villa Rotonda. An exploration of the architectural legacy of Andrea Palladio during the Italian Renaissance offers a profound understanding of his contributions.

Unveiling Vicenza's Architectural Transformation in this Vicenza Tour
Our Vicenza walking tours commence with a captivating journey through the historical heart of the city, which Palladio significantly reshaped with his monumental civic buildings, basilica, and opulent residences. Meandering through Vicenza's streets and alleys, guests delve into Palladio's life, his era, and the influences shaping his distinctive architectural style.

The Magnificence of Palladio's Masterpieces in this Vicenza Tour: visit Teatro Olimpico and Villa Rotonda
Among the highlights of our Vicenza tours is a visit to the Teatro Olimpico, a quintessential example of Renaissance architecture in Italy and arguably one of Palladio's most exquisite creations. Its grandeur and elegance stand as a testament to Palladio's genius and enduring legacy.

The pinnacle of our Vicenza Walking Tours lies in an excursion to the Villa Rotonda, revered as Palladio's masterpiece (interior accessible only from Friday to Sunday between April and October). With its temple-like façades and symmetrical design harmonizing with its natural surroundings, the villa exudes an aura of majestic perfection.

Guided through the Villa Rotonda, visitors gain insights into the essence of Palladio's architectural philosophy. The villa's structure serves as a canvas, echoing the fundamental principles and logic underlying Palladio's architectural style, thereby culminating the private walking tour of Vicenza on a profound note.

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  • Entrance Fees to the Teatro Olimpico & Villa Rotonda are not included in the price.
  • Gratuities or any additional fees for extended tour options

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Private Walking Tour of Vicenza Important Information and Accessibility
The interior of Villa Rotonda is accessible exclusively on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from April until the first week of November. However, visitors can arrange private visits on other days upon request, typically costing around 300 Euro. Alternatively, the exterior of the Villa and its gardens are open for daily visits, except on Mondays. Similarly, the Olympic Theater welcomes visitors every day, with the exception of Mondays.

This tour is of a historical area and is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities. However, please contact us directly and we will be able to take you on alternative routes suitable for you.

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May 09 2017

Excellence - easy to organise and a delightful and completely absorbing experience.