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Tourist information on the Palladian Villa Emo include a detailed description of Villa Emo, one of the artwork by the great Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, as well as information on how to tour Villa Emo on a day tour from Venice with a Palladio's expert guide.

The Villa Emo at Fanzolo, is featured on our Private Palladio Villa Tour that departs from Venice.

The Villa Emo by Andrea Palladio, less frequented than its more famous counterparts, is the stereo-typical Palladian Villa.

The Villa Emo is the only Villa by Palladio in the Veneto that never changed in form and execution from the original plans of Palladio as featured in the "four books of architecture", minor details aside.

The Villa Emo, unencumbered by lavish decoration, surrounded by elegant gardens, its simple form makes it one of Palladio's purest creations as a Villa architect. The Villa Emo also contains well-preserved frescoes by Zellotti, arguably Palladio's favorite fresco artist.

The Villa Emo has gained notoriety recently as it appeared as the home of Ripley, the main character of a new film "Ripleys Game", a sequel to the "Talented Mr Ripley".