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The region of Veneto is the most diverse region in Italy with an unlimited list of things to see and do in the Veneto. It boasts the Dolomite mountains and the world famous ski resort of Cortina, important cities of Art & Architecture such as Padua, Vicenza and Verona, numerous DOC wines are produced in the Veneto, beautiful hill towns, Beaches and not to mention Venice.

The region of Veneto is one of the most diverse regions in Italy. If you want to experience all that Italy has to offer in one relatively small geographical area, then, the Veneto should be your destination. Framed by the Dolomite mountain range to the West, the Alps to the North, Adriactic Sea to the West and the mighty river Po to the South the Veneto has more to offer the visitor than most Eurpoean countries.

The capital of the Veneto since ancient times is Venice, one of Italy's major tourist destinations and arguably the most beautiful and unique city in the world. Guide books and other publications have concentrated their attention on the magical city of Venice, and so many visitors to Italy overlook the region of Veneto and its numerous attractions.

Within these tourist information pages you will find links to other pages of information on the attarctions of the Veneto that include the spectacular Dolomite Mountains and the world famous ski resort of Cortina. The Dolomite mountains make an ideal day trip from Venice as featured on our Small Group Day Tours of the Dolomite Mountains.

The Dolomite mountain range and its jagged peaks are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges to be found in Europe. They offer the best organized high altitude hiking in Europe, and their complex network of chair-lifts and cable cars make the whole mountain range accessible to both hikers in the summer months and skiiers in the winter months. Only a short driving distance from Venice, you could include the Dolomites in your tour itinerary of Italy to enjoy a very different vacation.

At the southern tip of the Dolomites, separating the Brenta group of the Dolomites from the rest of the mountain range is Lake Garda. The largest of Italy's fresh-water lakes it's the cleanest of Italy's major lakes where one can still enjoy a dip in its waters during the warmer summer months. Also, a great destination for hiking, the shore-line of Lake Garda boasts numerous enchanting medieval towns and medieval fortifications, as well as the famous Bardolino wine.

A short 30-minute drive from Lake Garda is the city of Romeo & Juliet, Verona rests on the plains of Veneto that are home to numerous important cities. Verona boasts its famous Arena that hosts the Verona Opera every year during the summer months. It's city includes numerous important buildings that outline the importance of this city over the centuries. Just north of Verona is the famed Valpolicella wine region home to the Amarone that is one of Italy's most celebrated red wines. You can enjoy a day tour of Verona and the Valpolicella on our popular Verona Wine & Romance Tours.

Another important city located 40-minutes driving distance from Verona in the direction of Venice is the city of Andrea Palladio, Vicenza. Vicenza has one of the highest ratios of monumental buildings to population in Italy. It's the home of Palladian Architecture in the form of numerous buidlings by the great Renaissance architect that include the Teatro Olimpico and his Basilica. The province of Vicenza, boasts numerous villas built by Palladio that include the Villa Rotonda and the Villa Godi tucked away in the foothills of the Dolomites. You can enjoy a tour of Vicenza, the Villa Rotonda & Villa Godi on our Vicenza & Villa Rotonda Tours.

In the foothills that run from the shores of Lake Garda to the Austrian Alps you'll find numerous DOC registered wines produced. The Veneto produces more different types of wine than any other region in Italy. Along with he Valpolicella wine region, you'll find the Soave wine region, Prosecco wine region and numerous other high quality wines throughout the region. As well as some of the most beautiful hill towns in Italy. Join our popular Small Group Hill Towns of Veneto Tours to experience the true magic of the Veneto.

Padua, a short train ride from Venice, offers many diverse attractions that include the Scrovegni Chapel and ts famous Giotto frescoes, one of the oldest Universities in Italy, the Byzantine Basilica od the popular St. Anthony, Botanical Gardens dating from the 16th century and a delightful medieval centre of the city. With beaches and islands to discover in and around the Venetian lagoon, the region of Veneto has a lot more to offer the visitor than one might first expect. And as many parts of the region have yet to be discovered by the tourist, it's a region that offers relative peace and tranquility for people who visit.