October 21st, 2014


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What time of year offers the best vacation experiences in Italy?

Are there times during the year more ideal to select certain Italy Tours and Italy Vacation Packages?

The answer is, truthfully, it depends.

There are various factors that you should consider when planning an Italian holiday. There is no one answer to suit every traveler. Perhaps the question to consider is which season appeals to you most?

The climate in Italy varies by region. Avventure Bellissime prepared this handy guide to the climate of Italy, which nicely overviews what to expect for weather depending on the destination you choose and the season.

"Fall" in love with Italy

What is there not to like about autumn? Traveling to Italy after summer you can typically expect lower airfares and rates for accommodation. The landscape of Italy is always spectacular, but when the leaves change the vibrancy of nature’s palette is truly exquisite.

Exploring the major cities like Rome and Venice is pleasant in the cooler fall weather. Many travelers also find this time of year a great time to visit the most popular historic sites and landmarks because the crowds are thinner than in the height of tourism season (between May and September).

The harvest season is a wonderful time of year to travel to Italy, with regional festivals as plentiful as the abundant food and magnificent Italian wines.

Winter’s cool embrace warms the soul

As crisp and cool as winter in Italy can be, there is a warmth to this season that is not to be underestimated.

Not only can you often find great deals for airfares, accommodation, and Italy tours, but you will get to explore all the top tourist sites and museums without battling crowds of travelers. No matter how cold or chilly it might be outside, the treasures and secrets to be revealed on our Vatican and Sistine Chapel tour will not disappoint.

For winter sports enthusiasts, the world renowned ski resort community nestled in the is not to be missed.

If you like Christmas, you’ll love Christmas in Italy! The celebrations and traditions surrounding this Christian holiday are full of feasting and merrymaking. Looking to ring in the New Year in style? Consider welcoming a felice anno nuovo!

The warmth of an Italian spring

Longer days and the rebirth of Italy’s spectacular landscape makes spring a wonderful time to travel. The climate is temperate and mild and there are many festivals that fill the calendar in every region at this time of year.

Not only will you avoid the heat and packed crowds of summer’s busy tourism season at all the most popular attractions, there are often deals for airfare, accommodation, and tours - except for Easter.

Italy’s rich Catholic Christian traditions make the Holy Week of Easter an extremely popular time to visit - particularly Easter in Rome and at the Vatican. Florence has an explosive Easter tradition that has drawn large crowds since the time of the Crusades.

Summer is hot!

If sunshine, beaches, and outdoor events are what appeal to you then summertime in Italy is a wonderful time to visit. The crowds are at their largest during this peak season.

In addition to a plethora of summer music festivals to enjoy, there are many reasons to spend your summer vacation in Italy, including exploring the cooler climates in our mountain regions, enjoying boat excursions, or relaxing on the beach by the Mediterranean.

No matter when you decide to visit Italy you’ll find a warm welcome, great food, and endless opportunities to explore and experience Italian culture.

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