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Tourist information on the weather & climate to be found in Italy includes information on when to go to Italy as well as what to expect in regards to the weather and climate through the year. And why there is never a bad time of year to visit Italy.

The long Italian Peninsula stretches from the Swiss Alps to the warm waters of the Mediterranean, through its length run mountain ranges and terrains of ever conceivable nature. In the winter, the cold northern winds blow down from central Europe bringing precipitation and cold weather. In the summer, the warm winds from the Sahara bring heat and the occasionally dusting of sand from the great desert that arrive as far north as Rome.

The main tourist season for Italy is from April until October, with the exception of August when the heat can be as unbearable as the hordes of Italians who take vacation during this period. But, the season can be extended if you choose Sicily as your destination where spring comes early with beautiful blossoms, and of course winter snow makes the Italian Alps & the Dolomites prime destinations for winter tourists who come to enjoy skiing on arguably some of the best mountains in the world. Not too mention the cities of art like Florence, Venice & Rome that enjoy tourism all-year-round due to their wealth of museums and galleries.

Probably the best months to travel in Italy are May, June, September & October when the whole peninsula enjoys an idyllic climate. The weather in Italy varies greatly from North to South. In Milan and Venice in the winter the temperatures can drop to below freezing in January, while in Rome and further South the temperatures remain around 10° C or higher. In the Summer, the weather in northern Italy is hot and humid, but the further South you go the less humid it gets as the temperatures rise as high as 40° C.

The weather in Italy is probably the best factor in deciding when to visit the peninsula, but if you travel out of season the cost of your vacation could be reduced by as much as 50% due to the difference in seasonal rates, as well as the fact that there are less tourists travelling. So really Italy is a country that can be visited all-year-round.

But, whatever the weather in Italy does, the hospitable and friendly Italians and their beautiful country will always put a smile on your face! Whatever time of year you go to Italy, there is always at least one part of the country that is best visited during that time.