May 25th, 2015


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If only every summer vacation to Italy could last long enough to see all the major cities!

For most of us, a trip like that (all of Italy!) isn’t feasible, so then comes the fun of picking and choosing where to visit for your Italy Tours and Italy Vacation Packages.

This year, consider Florence!

Here are our top five reasons to visit fabulous Florence when you book Italy vacation packages for your summer holiday:

1. Fashion

If you love fashion, then you probably already know that Florence is considered one of the world’s fashion capitals. But did you know that it’s been a center for fine textiles since 1300? The finest Renaissance ladies and gentlemen enjoyed shopping for fine clothing here - long before Florence was sought after as the headquarters for such fashion houses as Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci, and Salvatore Ferragamo. You can shop the trendiest boutiques (or window shop!) on the Via de Tornabuoni. If you’re really interested to see the cities that inspire international fashion trends, you should combine your visit to stunning Florence with a tour of marvelous Milan and a trip to the fashion districts of Rome.

2. Nightlife

You have to wear those amazing Italian clothes somewhere! Florence boasts a vibrant and varied nightlife, especially enjoyable on warm summer evenings. Opportunities for summer festivals, outdoor concerts, and special concerts at the Stazione Leopolda abound, plus there are countless venues offering live music ranging from contemporary to jazz. Check with our exceptional Avventure Bellissime Italy tour guides for their suggestions for where to go during your Italian holiday in Florence.

3. Renaissance

If you love learning about the dramatic era of enlightened thinking in art, literature, and science you must come to Florence, which was known as the “New Athens” during the Renaissance. Our Small group Renaissance and David walk Florence tour will walk you through the history as you explore the architecture and artwork authentic to the period. Plus you get to learn all about the notorious Medici family and other important Florentine figures. And wait till you learn about the secrets of Michelangelo’s David!

4. Ponte Vecchio

You have to see this historic bridge lined with little shops for generations that somehow survived the Second World War. The Ponte Vecchio is a picturesque closed-spandrel segmental stone arched bridge that spans the Arno River. As your licensed tour guide provides the context for the history of this rich cultural area you can peruse the little shops to see examples of Italian artisanal craftsmanship ranging from artwork and jewelry to mosaics and decorative items.

5. Florentine Cuisine

Avventure Bellissime has a new tour for culinary enthusiasts and those who just enjoy exploring regional dishes with expert guidance. Italy has amazingly diverse regional cuisine and Florence will not disappoint! Our fantastic new Private Florence food markets walking tour will delight your sense of adventure as you indulge your taste buds. This private tour is led by a local chef who speaks English and knows the food markets of San Lorenzo and Sant’ Ambrogio intimately. As you enjoy tasting a variety of fresh local produce, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, cheeses, and meats you will learn how these ingredients are used in specialty dishes and traditional recipes unique to this region of Italy. Just be warned: Avventure Bellissime’s Italy wine and food tours can become addictive.

Feeling drawn to find out more about fabulous Florence? Contact us at Avventure Bellissime to arrange custom-designed Italy vacation packages. Our friendly Italy travel specialists are ready to help you plan your Italian vacation.