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Florence with its high student population has a relatively lively nightlife in comparison to other Italian cities of a similar sized population.

The nightlife scene of Florence is constantly evolving as clubs and venues come-in and out of fashion like the designer clothes found in the expensive boutiques and fashion houses of Florence . Venues range from trendy bars, to clubs and underground music venues.

Typically for Florentines, a night on the town can vary between a night spent passing from one bar to another while enjoy various snacks offered by the various establishments to an intense evening in the one of loud and raucous night clubs dancing to latest club sounds.

As with most events in Italy , not only Florence , everything seems to happen at the last moment without any real notification for any potential punters. To avoid disappointment look out for flyers, posters and local newspapers announcing special events during your stay in Florence .

In addition to some of the club and musical venues listed below, Florence also has major concerts that take place usually at the Palasport. A huge venue that holds 7,000 people. The local “Firenze Spectacolo” magazine available at tourist offices will list up-coming concerts for this venue.

Florence Nightlife – Clubs

H202 – Via Pandolfini 26r, Santa Croce. Tel - 055 243 356

A popular venue for local and international students, the night club is open from 11 p.m. until 4 a.m. from Tuesday to Sunday. Live music is featured on Sundays, Techno music on Fridays & Saturdays, while other music styles are featured during the weekdays. The club also features a nice chilling out zone on the second floor, where you can retreat from the often crowded dance-floor.

Tenax, Via Pratese 46, outside the city gates. Tel – 055 308 160

The in club of the moment, Tenax has also become a popular venue for alternative bands passing through Italy . The best-known local nightspot, hosts many famous DJ's and offers an eclectic mix of progressive, house, big beat and drum'n bass. Open from 10.30 p.m. until 4 a.m. its open from Thursday to Saturday.

Universale, Via Pisona 77r, Outside the city gates. Tel – 055 221 122

A very attractive club located in a stylish cinema dating from the 1950's. It offers all-kinds of entertainment to visitors who are tired of wondering the city in search of nightlife. The venue boasts a restauarant, bar, video screen, and separate club areas where live entertainment gives way to Dj's as the night proceeds. Open from 7.30 pm until 3 a.m. from Wednesday to Sunday.

Florence Nightlife – Live music venues

The live music scene in Florence has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, with an ever-growing number of local artists have moved on from the local music scene to greater things. The city seems to have more things going on in the summer months, especially from June to September when numerous open-air stages entertain the locals.

Jazz Club, Via Nuova de' Caccina 3, Santa Croce. Tel - 055 247 9700

One of the few venues in Florence where you can still hear live Jazz in its various forms ranging fro traditional bands to more experimental forms of Jazz. A popular venue with the beatnik and thirty something crowd. Open jam session are organized every Tuesday night. Open from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

Stazione Leopolda, Fratelli Roselli 5, Outside the city gates. Tel – 055 263 8480

In this gigantic old railway station has become a major rock venue in recent years. With its famous catwalk that often plays host to fashion shows, if there is a concert taking place during your stay in Florence you should go! Check the “Fireznze Spectaccolo” for details of upcoming events.

Be Bop, Via de Servi, San Marco

A sweaty underground club that attracts both local and international students. Typical of many of th evenues of Florence , the music is varied but rarely original. Open times vary, but the club is open on Mondays nights when many other musical venues are closed.