November 19th, 2015


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Delicious food is a sure bet on any Italy Tours and Italy Vacation Packages, but it can be even more incredible if you visit when the fall harvesting is underway or just finished.

Imagine the farmer’s markets and food stalls full of all the bounties of the various harvests across the beautiful regions of Italy. The olive oil freshly pressed, root vegetables and fruit farm fresh, and the grapes being pressed for this year’s wine vintages. There’s always so much to sample as you stroll through the piazzas and shops in every city or town, particularly those out in the countryside.

Naturally Italy’s varied regional restaurants reap the benefits of the fall harvest season as well. By November most of the harvest is in and the tables are filled with the best fresh local foods, tempting locals and travelers alike.

Late fall is a wonderful time to enjoy Italy wine and food tours, notably because visitors get to enjoy the off-season prices for accommodation and travel as well as enjoy fall food and wine festivals. Watch for festivals to celebrate the vino novello (new wine), truffles (underground mushrooms), and chestnuts in November, which make planning a fall escape to Italy’s wine country even more enjoyable.

The romance of Italy’s wine regions is awe-inspiring all year long, but the magnificent fall colors make the landscape an autumnal paradise full of vibrant hues as far as the eye can see. No matter when you visit Italy you’ll get to learn from experienced winemakers about their craft while you sample some of the wines that have earned Italian vineyards international recognition for centuries. There’s the Friuli wine region, Prosecco wine region, the Chianti region, the Valpolicella region, and of course the celebrated vineyards in Tuscany just to name a few possible destinations.

The weather will grow colder into the month of November, with shorter days and earlier sunsets - but at all the main travel destinations the lines will be much shorter than at other times of the year. This means you can visit museums, churches, and historic sites even in the major cities like Rome, Venice, and Milan without the crowds and line ups you would encounter in spring, summer, or early fall.

Many of Avventure Bellissime’s walking tours and day trips have special pricing in late fall and winter - even our popular Rome walking tours and Rome day trips and excursions!

Trying to figure out how to pack for an off-season trip to Italy? We have tips for packing light for a fall or winter Italy trip.

In addition to all the great museums, art galleries, theatres and concert venues that will keep you out of the cold while you enjoy your vacation, you’ll be able to warm up with great Italian coffee.

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