September 30th, 2015


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Saying farewell to summer is so much easier when you toast arrivederci (goodbye) and celebrate the start of fall with Italy wine and food tours.

Many travelers enjoy Italy Tours and Italy Vacation Packages in autumn when the leaves start to change, the cooler days are wonderful for daytime excursions, and the harvest season brings with it festivals, good food, and wine.

As the days grow shorter and the evenings chillier, it’s time to harvest fruit, vegetables, and the grapes that are so essential to Italy’s internationally renowned wine industry. Exploring the wine harvest with Avventure Bellissime is a great introduction for wine novices and a wonderful adventure for wine enthusiasts.

There are different wine regions to visit, each with its own specialties and beautiful countryside. Sample the best vintages of the Chianti region; learn the age-old techniques used by the Brunello di Montalcino wineries as you soak in the sweeping vistas of Val d’Orcia, or tasting the famous Valpolicella wines not too far from Verona.

While you don’t need to know Italian because our amazing Avventure Bellissime Italy tour guides will interpret and share history and cultural information on every tour, some familiarity with Italian phrases is always a good way to ingratiate yourself with the locals.

Here are some common words and phrases to help you out with wine vacations in Italy this fall:

> L’uva - the grapes
> Fare la raccolta - bring in the harvest
> La vendemmia - the grape harvest
> Vendemmiatori - grape pickers
> Vino - wine
> Vino rosso - red wine
> Vino bianco - white wine
> Vino dolce - sweet wine
> Vino secco - dry wine
> Per favore - please
> Grazie - thank you

No matter where your travels in Italy take you, there are amazing regional culinary delights to enjoy with a glass of world-class wine. The wonderful Italian proverb, “Anni e bicchieri di vino non si contano mai” (age and glasses of wine should never be counted) illustrates the love Italians have for enjoying the little moments of life as they unfold.

Autumn in Italy offers many such moments for enjoyment, from the vibrant colors in city parks and throughout the countryside as the season changes to enjoying the quieter off-season crowds on Italy tours and excursions to enjoying the harvest festivals that showcase favorite fall foods in virtually every Italian city and village this time of year.

Bring your camera and be prepared to fall in love with Italy this autumn. To learn more about our Italy wine and food tours or custom-designed Italy vacation packages, contact us at Avventure Bellissime.