February 15th, 2013


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Romance and Italy go together, well, like wine and cheese…which is somehow so very apropos for anyone looking for a romantic day trip while on vacation in Florence.

Romance and Italy go together, well, like wine and cheese…which is somehow so very apropos for anyone looking for a romantic day trip while on vacation in Florence.

Our Chianti Wine Tour offers you and your amore a delightful sojourn into the Tuscan countryside, celebrated the world over for exceptional vintages of Chianti wines. Don’t worry if you’re not in time for Valentine’s Day this year, when you are in Italy every day is perfect for celebrating your love together.

Enchanting towns and medieval castles

The all-day tour promises limited time in the vehicle so that you spend your time, together, enjoying the beauty of the Tuscany region. An expert driver-guide, who speaks fluent English, will escort your small group to enchanting hill towns, the medieval castle Montefioralle and the charming streets of Greve. Imagine the memories you will make together as you explore and share moments of discovery and gaze out over magnificent vistas.

There is something transcendent about visiting these modern yet ancient places and seeing architecture and artistic endeavors that have not wavered from the way they were in bygone eras. One of these almost otherworldly encounters is witnessing the creative artisans in Impruneta, a captivating Italian town with historic Terracotta furnaces. Using traditional techniques, local artisans fire up kilns – some of which have not changed from those used in Roman times. It is amazing to watch them work and see the beauty they produce by hand, each piece one-of-a-kind. The variety astounds as you see the way each artist works the craft, creating vases or tiles or objets d’art. You’ll get a chance to watch one artist up close on our tour.

Travellers will enjoy wine tastings at wineries throughout the day, learning and savouring this dry red wine with its light to full-bodied flavours. You and your sweetheart will learn to distinguish the aromas that comprise the distinctive Chianti wines.

Uniquely rich Chianti vintages

The secret to the distinctive taste of Chianti wines is where the vineyards are located. Wine has been carefully crafted in the Chianti region for generations, well before the time of the mighty Roman Empire. Here the elements achieve perfection – the soil with its nutrients, the sun, the temperatures, the seasons – all combine produce the grapes that provide the uniquely rich Chianti vintages.

What is fascinating is how the subtle differences in wines from one area of Chianti to another, so much so that they are categorized by denominations to help distinguish one from another. As you venture into the Italian vineyards with your driver-guide and small group you’ll experience how the very essence of each area is imbued in its own distinct version of Chianti. You will have the opportunity to sample a Classico during our tour.

An optional lunch is available at a Trattoria that is popular with locals in a small hamlet and ideal for a romantic meal together.

A lot can happen under the Tuscan sun; what transpires is up to you and your partner on your journey through Italy:

Ho scritto una storia d’amore senza inizio e senza fine…per scriverla con te

(I have written a love story without a beginning or ending…
so that we may write it together)