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Tourist information on the city of Verona, Italy, include information on how to get to Verona, how to get around the city, the weather and the things to see and to do in Verona

Weather in Verona, Italy

Verona is located between the rolling plains of the Veneto, Lake Garda and the Dolomite mountains. It enjoys a mild climate with the spring and fall months being the ideal time to visit. In the summer, it can be very hot and humid due to the closeness of Lake Garda. From December to February there is briskly cold weather, although it's rarely grey and gloomy.

How to get to Verona

The Verona-Villafranca airport, located just outside the city is reachable via local buses and trains. City buses for the airport depart from Porta Nuova. The airport has mainly domestic flights, although there is an ever-increasing number of international arrivals from other European countries. But, the majority of tourists arrive in Verona by train. Verona has direct train links with Milan (2 and a half hours), Venice ( one hour and a half), & Austria via the Brenner Pass.

General Information on Verona

Verona, the largest city in the Veneto with a population of a quarter of a million people is world famous for the ill-fated love affair of Romeo and Juliet. But, the medieval core of the city boasts numerous attractions.

Starting with the Romans conquering Verona, and ending with its contemporary history, the different ages of the city are visible through all the various monuments scattered around its historical center.

In addition to its many important monuments, you'll find delightful restaurants and wine bars hidden away on its charming back-streets. Verona, also provides ample opportunities to shop at its numerous boutiques and fashionable stores.

The hills that rise directly behind the city and their numerous olive trees give a Mediterranean feel to the city. These hills are home to the Valpolicella wine region, and the famous "Amarone" wine of the Veneto