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Prosecco is sparkling white wine that comes from hill country of the Veneto located between Conegliano and Valdobiadene. Includes information on the history of Prosecco wine and its association with the famous Bellini cocktail of Venice, as well as tours of the Prosecco wine region departing from Venice.

The Prosecco wine region is located in north-east Italy in the beautiful Trevigiana hills, about forty minutes drive from the city of Venice. These soft undulating hills of volcanic origin boast a lush green landscape that is littered with remnants from medieval times in the form of castles, quaint hill towns and abbeys.

The northern part of the province of Treviso, close to the imposing Dolomite mountains, between the principal towns of Conegliano on the plains and Valdobiaddene in the hills is where the Prosecco wine region is located. A delightful wine road, the first of its kind in Italy, takes a winding route through the steep slopes covered in vines and is featured on our popular Small Group Tours of Hill Towns of Veneto which includes a full wine tasting at a celebrated winery in the Prosecco hills

In these lands, everything is perfumed with wine and the fine flavours of the centuries long wine culture which has profoundly affected the countryside and the soul of one of the most enchanting areas in Italy. The people from here love their roots, and have maintained the taste for traditions and the pleasure in hospitality and meeting people, together with typical products such as salami, cheese, spit-cooked meat, herbs, chestnuts, grappa, wild mushrooms and honey, all of which give flavour to the eno-gastronomy of this area.

The Prosecco wine region is rich in enchantment, historic & artistic attractions, surprises and suggestions which are almost hidden away in the valleys or among the many hamlets and villages of the Prosecco hills. The area is not only noted for Prosecco wine which includes the heralded Cartizze version of this wine, but also the Torchiato di Fregona, and the Refrontolo Passito wines. Fermented in limited quantities, the Refrontolo Passito wine is made from Marzemino grapes and was praised by Mozart. The grapes similar to Amarone are placed on bamboo racks to dry before pressing to obtain a ruby red sweet raisin with with a rich perfume that is ideally sered with cakes and dessert.

The Cartizze version of Prosecco comes from a small zone within the Prosecco region near the principal town of Valdobiaddene. Its taste is sweet, its bouquet full and inviting, its flavour rounded. The white and red wines of the Conegliano hills wine region come from the wise blending of grapes that have been naturally selected over the centuries. The white wine, velvety with a pleasing aromatic perfume, accompanies appetisers and first courses. While the red, with at least two years ageing is a meditative wine and goes well with red meat and game.