September 18th, 2020


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Italy is a year-round destination.

In spring, the Italian countryside bursts into bloom. In our summer? It basks in an abundance of summer sun. Winter, visitors will experience how the Italians celebrate the festive season. Each season has a unique appeal, including Autumn/Fall. Here are the reasons why we at Avventure Bellissime love Italy in autumn:

The Italian Harvest

Autumn in Italy heralds the start of the harvest. The rich and fertile lands really deliver the goods at this time of year. If you decide to have your Italian holiday in the autumn, then you may come across freshly harvested olives, grapes, mushrooms, potatoes and nuts and if you are very lucky, truffles.

The Italian harvest season is something visitors can enjoy – whether it’s by consuming this beautiful produce, or by taking part in the harvest. You can even organise a tour to a vineyard at this time of year, to get closer to the process.

Experience Italian festivals

The Italian harvest heralds a celebration. It’s all about what the land and those who cultivate that land have produced. Visiting Italy in the autumn, you might experience one of our festivals – or sagra – as they are known locally. The Italian harvest festivals will celebrate local communities as well as individual food types.

The colour of the landscapeItaly is blessed with a stunning backdrop and like many parts of the world at this time of year, the landscape begins to change colour and shed the old, ready for the new. Autumn is a great time to visit the Italian countryside, parks or gardens and see the beautiful bursts of colour that Italy boasts.

The temperature

Autumn in Italy can be quite mild and pleasant with fair weather. It is quite reliable at this time of year – so weather-wise, Italian vacations are a great option for an autumn holiday. It is not until closer to winter that you can expect the odd damp day amongst the sunny ones. However, as is usually the case, the southern part of the country will stay warmer for longer than the middle or northern parts.

The country begins to become quieter

Tourism is a big industry in Italy, and so, for a large proportion of the year, we are lucky enough to welcome many visitors to our country to enjoy an Italian holiday. However, the number of visitors begins to reduce the further into autumn we travel. For this reason, you will find that the main tourist sights are still open but will be much quieter than usual. This means there’s more time and space for you to enjoy them even more.

You may even benefit from lower airfares and accommodation costs

The further into autumn you go, then the lower the cost of air travel and accommodation becomes – as late autumn can be classed as off-season. So if you do your research, it can also cost you less money.

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