October 30th, 2015


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Loving fall with its shorter days of colour-changing leaves, longer nights with frosty overtones, warm sweaters and comfort food?

Now imagine all that autumnal bliss while enjoying Italy Tours and Italy Vacation Packages: Perfezione (perfection)!

There is so much to do and see during the fall season - you can’t help but fall in love with Italy in autumn. Even better, the weather is still usually quite pleasant into November but you benefit from off-season prices and shorter line-ups than traveling during the high season. Not a bad trade-off for having to figure out how to pack light for a fall trip to Italy!

Among our most popular vacation experiences in Italy are our wine vacations, which are simply magnificent escapes when you visit Italy vineyards during the fall harvest. The wineries are busy with the bounty from the year’s growth season and festival season is in full swing - and of course there’s always good food to go with great wine.

If you know about Italian wines then you know that there are several different regions you can visit for wine vacations in Italy. Our expert licensed Avventure Bellissime tour guides will bring you to understand and appreciate each region as much as the vintages produced there.

There is much to see amid the varied landscapes as you learn about the internationally renowned wines produced in each region. These range from the fine red wine of the Chianti region to the prestigious wines made in the Brunello di Montalcino wineries.

One of our newest wine tours is the Small Group Montalcino wine and romance tour from Florence, which is a wonderful excursion through the Tuscan countryside in a luxury car with one of our simply amazing Avventure Bellissime Italy tour guides. If you are hoping to visit Rome on your holiday, our Small Group Tuscany day tours from Rome will take you for a foray into Tuscany and back to the Eternal City.

For generations the famous Valpolicella wines have been made from the indigenous grapes that have been carefully cultivated in the Veneto region for thousands of years. Our Private Verona wine and romance excursion is an unforgettable introduction to the scenic rolling hills of Veneto and the age-old techniques unique to the wineries here. Tastings include the most acclaimed Amarone red wine to the remarkable Amarone Classico and Ripasso.

While you explore the varied landscapes of Italy you will discover encounter the incredible variety of Italy’s amazing regional culinary delights. There is so much more to pair with your wine than spaghetti or lasagna!

One ingredient you will find in many dishes across Italy in fall might surprise you: Pumpkin. While North Americans like to carve them into Jack O’Lanterns or make them into pumpkin pie, Italians incorporate pumpkins into much more - and wait till you try these delicious Italian fall comfort foods!

The food critics at the legendary Bon Appétit magazine list Tortelli di Zucca (pasta filled with pumpkin) as one of the nine best pasta dishes in Rome. Which herb accentuates this favourite? Sage.

Until you can come and indulge your palate with a sumptuous pumpkin dish in person - perhaps in the food enthusiast’s dream city of Bologna (nicknamed “La Grassa” or the fat one) on our Private Bologna Walking Tour - you might want to try a recipe at home.

The Academia Barilla is devoted to educating the world about the best of Italian culinary traditions. Here you’ll find a plethora of gourmet Italian recipes, including two inspired regional fall favourites made with pumpkin.

If you love soup, try the hearty Lombardy region pumpkin soup that as they say has “a taste unlike all others” you might try elsewhere. Or, if you’d like to try a pasta dish that isn’t as complicated as stuffing your own tortelli, try this delectable penne recipe. It features penne noodles with cubes of pumpkin, diced bacon, and the robust sweetly tart flavour of Balsamic vinegar.

Would you rather enjoy a taste of Italy in person this autumn? Contact us at Avventure Bellissimeto learn more about our Italy wine and food tours or custom-designed Italy vacation packages.