April 11th, 2017


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We have many tours that will take you around the must-see sights of Italy, whether it’s the ancient city of Pompeii, exploring the Renaissance of Florence, sampling the famous wine of Tuscany or taking a gondola ride through the canals of Venice.

Here is just a taste of the wonders of Italy that you can experience.

Vatican and Sistine Chapel

One of the most popular attractions for visitors from all over the world, as they come on a pilgrimage of wonder and awe. The grand and impressive Vatican has been a draw for centuries and one of the main things people want to see in their lifetime.

Michelangelo’s master piece, the Sistine Chapel, is undoubtedly the most famous part of the apostolic palace. In just 4 years, between 1508 and 1512, the artistic genius painted 1.100 square meters of ceiling. This astonishing fresco, and especially the Last Judgment scene, is often regarded as Michelangelo’s greatest art work, and his immense talent reflects on each detail of the painting. The Sistine Chapel is a must-see in Rome, but choose your booking date carefully as it cannot be visited during the mysterious papal conclave…

Colosseum and Ancient Rome

The ancient civilisation of Rome amazes and inspires. From an historic point of view, the Romans essentially founded life as we know it today. From the engineering that was far beyond their years and the culture that they developed.

The Colosseum is testament to that. An architectural feat, it stands tall, representing the eternity and durability of the Roman Empire, even all these years later. It speaks of the culture and history of a time long ago.

“Visitors are always blown away when they enter the colosseum and realise how sophisticated is the engineering, or when I tell them about this beautiful cosmopolitan city where people from all over the empire lived together peacefully.” explains Francesca, one of our official guides, whose fascinating and accessible explanations will take you back in Roman time.

Pompeii and Amalfi Coast

Again, for those interested in history, Pompeii is a remarkable and surreal experience. A city frozen in time that allows you to step directly into an era which is long gone. The story has stood the test of time and people will always continue to be fascinated by the ancient tragedy.

Along the rugged Amalfi Coast, there are towns and glimpses into the history along the way. Known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world, the Amalfi Coast points to a quieter life than that of the major cities like Rome, but there are still many things to see. Look out for the famous lemon trees and don’t forget to try the Limoncello!

Florence and Tuscany

“Firenze è unica! (Florence is unique)” recalls Antonella, our Florence guide. “It’s not just two lovely squares and a couple of nice streets. Florence is a cultural and historic gem, where there is something for everyone: food and wine lovers, museums and churches enthusiasts or fashion shoppers.”

In Florence, live like a Florentine. On the Original Renaissance Tour, you will discover all the facets of the mesmerising city alongside Antonella, a Florence native. From the Uffizi Gallery to the Galleria dell’Accademia where you can see Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture, to the grandiose architecture of the Renaissance era. Antonella will also give you a lot of tips to enjoy Florence like you’ve always lived here.

The rolling hills, the vineyards, the miles of green, the hilltop towns - the landscapes of Tuscany are as romantic as its poetry. Home of Dante Alighieri, who wrote the first book in “modern” Italian language, and cradle of Renaissance, Tuscany is an experience all of it’s own. Very few region can boast of having produced such influent artists: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto, Vasari….

Tuscany is also renowned for its precious wine terroirs. Chianti or Montalcino are probably the most famous, but if you ever find yourself in Bolgheri, have a glass of Sassicaia and Ornellaia at the centrally located ‘Enoteca’ (wine bar).

Cinque Terre

The seaside villages wrapped in colour and exuding the romance of the coastal life. The enchanting atmosphere and scenery show a world which is peaceful and rich in culture. Meander along the streets and visit the harbors, watching for the fishermen coming in with their catch for the day.

Climb the hills and look down over the sea and colourful houses which line on the rugged cliffs, taking in the views and surroundings.

Venice and The Canals

The dream of many people visiting Italy is to see Venice for themselves. The maze of canals, the hidden streets, the hustle and bustle of the city, the live statues and masquerades. The culture of Venice is evident wherever you go.

There is so much to see in Italy, that just one day cannot possibly cover it all, so if you are looking for the best way to experience everything that it has to offer, Avventure Bellissime have a number of multi-day vacation packages.

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