May 07th, 2015


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Brainstorming possible destinations for your summer vacation this year? You just have to put Italy Tours and Italy Vacation Packages at the top of your list.

Here are our top five reasons to book Italy vacation packages for your summer holiday:

- Italy has earned her nickname Bel paese (the beautiful country). Each of the 20 regions is uniquely beautiful. Italy has coastline, mountains, verdant meadows, vineyards, romantic waterways, ancient villages and modern architecture.

Consider exploring a few distinct destinations in Rome, Florence, and Venice with one of our semi-private Italy Vacation Packages, or explore one of Italy’s magnificent cities by foot on one of our popular guided Italy walking tours. These tours feature licensed expert guides, skip-the-line tickets, and itineraries that enable the intrepid traveller to enjoy a more personal and intimate touring experience.

- Enjoy the beach as you soak in not only sunshine but Italian culture. Italy’s stunning coastline is no ordinary seaside! Consider our Exclusive Rome to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast Trip, which brings you in a comfortable air-conditioned Mercedes minivan to this world-renowned region. Explore the history, indulge in some delicious local meals, and enjoy the view. Seeing famous artwork in person is much more awe-inspiring than seeing it in a book and as an added summer bonus church interiors are usually nice and cool. Plus there’s always Italian gelato to beat the heat!

- The world is coming to Milan this summer. Every year you’ll find a wealth of summer music and cultural festivals across Italy, and Milan is always a marvelous place to visit, but from May to the end of October the city hosts World Expo 2015 with a showcase of 140 participating countries. This year is truly an exciting summer to enjoy some avventura (adventure) with Avventure Bellissime in Milan!

- Romance, adventure, relaxation - Italy has it all. You can plan your Italy vacation to suit your personal preferences, visiting metropolitan cities like Rome, Florence, or Milan, historic heritage sites like the canals of Venice or the archeological sites in Pompeii, or notable artwork and architecture from past generations - or take Italy wine and food tours. The possibilities are endless whether you are coming for your Italian honeymoon, want to tour Italy before or after a cruise, or need a family-friendly vacation destination.

- Everyone needs to experience la bella vita (the good life) in summer. Italians know how to embrace life, from the arts to amazingly diverse regional cuisine, to world-class wines, to stopping to enjoy the view in a piazza (square) or marketplace. There is so much to see and do that one trip is never enough and you will find yourself longing to return to Italy again.

Considering your options for Italy vacations this summer? Contact us at Avventure Bellissime for help planning an Italian vacation or find out more about our custom-designed Italy vacation packages.