August 20th, 2014


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Think you should wait a few years to book Italy Tours and Italy Vacation Packages so the kids are older?

Or wait till they’re teenagers before you enjoy Avventure Bellissime vacation experiences in Italy as a family? Don’t!

Italians love children. Of all places in the world to take toddlers, preschoolers, or young children, this is the country to visit and not worry every moment you’ll be judged if your two-year-old has a tantrum or your school-aged kids are bursting with elementary-school curiosity and energy.

The thing is, the family unit is very important in Italian culture. Even these days when smaller families are the norm, children are valued - as are grandparents and older family members. Italians firmly believe that, as evidenced by this famous Italian proverb: “L'affetto verso i genitori e fondamento di ogni virtu.” (Loving one's parents is fundamentally the greatest virtue).

The more and more popular North American idea of living a childfree life or enjoying a childfree vacation or even dinner is not common in Italy where families dine together, enjoy holidays together, and all ages mix without concern that bambini (babies) or nonnas and nonnis (grandmas and grandpas) are going to cramp anyone’s style.

Obviously you want your children to do their best to behave, but you don’t have to worry that you can only enjoy family friendly restaurants. All restaurants are family friendly and children of all ages will enjoy crusty Italian bread, pasta, and of course pizza. That said, don’t expect crayons at the table or children’s menus, and absolutely be prepared for a slower pace as meals are served in courses. Italian meals are time to socialize and enjoy the food and company!

If you have little children it may help to bring along a few quiet activities for them to enjoy at the table. Prepare children before your trip by practicing sitting at the table and using their manners. Lunch is probably better for dining out with small children than dinner because Italians eat the evening meal quite late.

Worst case, if the little ones are out of sorts and not enjoying the Dolce Vita (sweet life) dining out, you can always leave and try again another day. As the Italian saying goes, “Chi si prende cura dei bambini deve accettare il bene ed il male” (Those whose job it is to take care of children have to accept the good with the bad). They will never learn if you don’t teach them after all!

As your Italy Tour specialist Avventure Bellissime is happy to assist with planning a family holiday that will work well for all family members. We understand, as do our expert tour guides, that, “Un bimbo che non gioca, felicita' ne ha poca”(A child who doesn't play, has little happiness). We also know which places will be easier for senior members of the family to walk and enjoy, perhaps with a little rest along the way, and where you might even see enthusiasm from your teenagers.

There is so much in Italy that will appeal to all generations! From the intriguing network of canals and energy-burning walking tours of Venice to the beautiful coastline and beaches on our exclusive excursion to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast to the piazzas and sights of our popular guided tours of Rome, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy in Italy.

One of our best tours for an inter-generational group is our Best of Rome Walking Tour. You travel in our airconditioned eight-passenger van right to all the major sites in Rome, including the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Novona, Capitoline Hill, Bocca della Verita, Circus Maximus, and to the summit of Gianicola Hills for a spectacular view. The tour finishes with snacks and a beverage at a local tavern, giving you time to ask our expert tour guide for ideas for your Italy holiday as a family.

Avventure Bellissime can help plan a family vacation to Italy everyone will enjoy! Visit us online now to build your Italy vacation packages.