October 31st, 2014


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Everywhere you go in Italy there is artwork; to walk the streets of cities or towns here is to see life reflected in and inspired by fine arts.

In the churches, in museums and galleries you can enjoy the centuries of great art created in this country, which makes Italy vacations and Italy Tours exciting for art enthusiasts.

It is possible to choose your Italy vacation packages and tours to suit a theme for a particular period in art history - perhaps Etruscan, the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, Baroque, or more modern art movements - or instead travel to a particular city or region to investigate the great artists who lived and worked there at various times in history.

Whether you are an art history aficionado or someone who loves to appreciate artwork but haven’t really studied, Avventure Bellissime’s amazing Italy tour guides and driver guides are licensed experts who are so knowledgeable in the art, history, and culture of Italy that they are able to lead riveting tours for all.

There are endless opportunities for art appreciation in Italy! Here are some of our most popular art tours to consider as you plan your next Italian vacation:


The must-see city for art is of course the capital city where you may see examples of artwork dating back to ancient times. Consider booking our Catacombs Appian Way and San Clemente Church Tour, with an expert licensed guide to escort you through 2,000 years of history including a chance to see an exquisite medieval mosaic.

Naturally a visit to Italy and especially to Rome is not complete without seeing the brilliance of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Our Small Group Vatican and Sistine Chapel or Private Vatican and Sistine Chapel Walking Tour is an in-depth tour that always earns accolades from travelers on TripAdvisor.

If you’d like to investigate the Baroque period, notably rival artists Bernini and Borromini, we recommend our informative and entertaining foray into that art period with our Private Baroque Rome Walking Tour and the Private Rome Borghese Gallery Tour, which highlights the work of Caravaggio, Bernini, and Raphael among others.



Discover the beauty of Michelangelo’s David and explore the richness of the Renaissance when you book our Small Group Florence and David Tour or Private Highlights of Florence Walking Tour. Not only will you skip the line to see Michelangelo’s colossal marble masterpiece of the young David, you’ll get the vast collection of work done by his contemporaries and you’ll explore the city streets to understand more about the politics and lifestyle of the Renaissance here.


For a wonderful introduction to the beauty of this Italian city, book our extremely popular Original Venice Walking Tour. You’ll trace the history of Venice from ancient to modern day and enjoy skip-the-line tickets to tour inside of the artistically important interior of St. Mark’s Basilica. While you’ll learn about the Doge’s Palace, you only see the exterior on this introductory tour, which is why we suggest making time for our Small Group Doges Palace Walking Tour so that you are able to see and learn about the priceless artwork that adorns the interior.

These highlights are not the sum total of tours to learn and appreciate the generations of artistic brilliance in Italy. Every city or town, even in the hill towns in Tuscany’s wine region or the spectacular remote villages in Cinque Terre offer artistic treasures to discover.

Italy’s rich Catholic heritage contributed greatly to commissions for artwork throughout the ages, the secrets of which await discovery in the churches that have stood the test of time and survived world wars.

Inspired to explore art treasures and art history in Italy? The Avventure Bellissime team is happy to suggest vacation packages or tours and exciting Italy excursions to help you enjoy Italian art. Contact the tour specialists at Avventure Bellissime for help planning your trip to Italy.