June 18th, 2022


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With more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country, delicious cuisine and some of the finest works of art and architecture to gaze upon, it’s easy to see why Italy encapsulates so many people's hearts. Simply put, Italy never ceases to surprise and delight no matter where you go, or what experiences you indulge in. However, there are more incredibly special ways to enjoy the magic Italy has to offer. That’s why below I want to share with you 5 unique experiences you must try in Italy!

1.    Experience La Dolce Vita in Lake Como via Private Boat

Lake Como (North of Milan, where Italy meets Switzerland) epitomizes La Dolce Vita – conjuring up images of glamorous 1950s film stars, lavish motorboats, adorable vespers scooting along the lakeside and impressive Renaissance inspired villas. This is a chance for you to step back in time to get a sweet taste of a golden era.

To get the most out of this experience, I suggest taking a private panoramic boat tour from Milan to Lake Como, passing the most beautiful lake villas you can imagine. In particular, pay close attention to Villa d'Este - a 19th century villa, which was once the murder scene of the famous silk manufacturer Carlo Sacchi. If you glide near Moltrasio you’ll also find the iconic Villa Fontanelle. Once lived in by none other than Gianni Versace!

For the most incredible lake views ensure you make a pit stop that enables you to head up into the hills above Como city to the quaint village of Brunate. Here you even have the chance to hop on the funicular railway which runs every 30 minutes.


2.    Learn About Your Favorite Meats & Cheeses in the Tuscan hills

Mention Tuscany to anyone who’s visited and you’ll see their eyes light up with excitement and wonder, as they begin to describe one of the best travel experiences of their lives. The Tuscan hills are truly enchanting and of course, famous for its splendid cuisine of meats, cheeses and wines.

For a unique experience, and comprehensive taste sensation in Tuscany, opt for a Pecorino cheese and Brunello wine tour. Explore the stunning renaissance-looking Orcia valley, and Delight your senses with an array of flavors as you learn the traditional Italian ways of crafting exquisite sheep cheeses and rich wines.

Looking for something even more unique? There are plenty of farms to discover that produce organic cheeses such as spicy goats cheese to tickle your taste buds

3.   Discover How Burrata, and Olive Oil Are Made in The Itria Valley

Who hasn’t heard of Burrata cheese? This soft shell covering a creamy center oozes with richness and buttery flavors, and is a favorite of many foodies. Learning exactly how this indulgent cheese is made from a unique Puglia food tour will allow you to immerse yourself in the Southern Italian way of life. Particularly if you venture to the Itria valley where you can also taste the finest local wines. 

Did you also know 40% of Italy's extra virgin olive oil is produced in the region of Puglia? In fact there are over 60 million olive trees growing in this region. Use this unique food tour experience to learn all about how this pillar of Italian cuisine has been produced since the bronze age.


4.    Venture off the Beaten Track With an Amalfi Coast Sailing Experience

A sensual blend of both natural and cultural wonders, the Amalfi coast boasts breathtaking landscapes and dramatic aquamarine sea views. A very popular spot for visitors to Italy, however there are ways of making your trip more special than the average tourists.

Consider an Amalfi coast sailing experience, and create incredible memories that will last forever. I recommend requesting your sailing tour to include a visit to Bagni della Regina Giovanna (Queen Joan’s Baths). A beautiful, hidden lagoon for you to leisurely swim in enclosed by rocky cliffs. This natural cerulean water pool can only be reached on foot, but makes a great addition to your coastal tour. For beach seekers, I suggest sailing to Marina di Puolo - a lovely hidden gem known for its crystalline water. 

Aside from the spectacular views you’ll encounter throughout your sailing experience, you’ll also be able to gorge on exquisite fried seafood dishes in true Italian style


5.    Set Your Sights on Hunting Truffles in the Langhe Region

A buried treasure filled with mystery, and a luxurious taste when added to oil or cheeses. Why not take inspiration from the acclaimed and stunningly made “The Truffle Hunters” documentary by venturing on your own Roero truffle hunting experience?
Spend a memorable day exploring the Langhe region, learning all about this delicious delicacy, and how the farmers train their dogs to hunt truffles in the charming surroundings. 
Bear in mind that depending on the time of year you go will affect which truffles you’ll be able to seek out. Late September to the end of January is when you’ll find the prized white truffle. Whereas, February to mid-September is when you’ll come across the black truffle.

Of course, no experience is complete in Italy without a healthy dose of wine tasting, and the Langhe region is no exception. Enjoy the stunning scenery of Langhe hills as you sip this delectable wine.

Ready for Your Unique Italian Experience?

So, will it be sailing the crystalline waters of the Amalfi coast, getting lost in the rainbow colors of Burano near Venice, or discovering how your favorite cheeses have been crafted throughout the centuries? 
Italy is calling your name! If you’re ready to start planning your once-in-a-lifetime experience, fill in a few brief questions here and I’ll help you put your plans in motion. You deserve something more extraordinary than ordinary!