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How to get to the Amalfi Coast, Weather on the Amalfi Coast, and general tourist information on Amalfi, Ravello & Positano

Sorrento is typically acknowledged as the starting point of the Amalfi Coast when coming from the direction of Naples some 32 miles away. Sorrento is connected to Naples by road as well as a local train route that connects Naples to Herculaneu, Pompeii and ends at Sorrento. Although, Sorrento is considered by many as part of the Amalfi Coast, it's actually separated from the rest of the Amalfi Coast by a peninsula jutting out into the bay of Naples. Situated on a crest of cliffs tht crash down into the sea below, the resort of Sorrento has grown dramatically as a major tourist destination as well as being the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, it also has regular shuttle boats transferring tourists to the neighbouring island of Capri.

On the far side of the peninsula a 30 or more minute drive from Sorrento depending how many stops you make to admire the bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius you'll arrive into the magical part of the Amalfi Coast and the first major town of Positano. From the coastal road looking down on Positano, following steep incline and the Moorish-style white houses down to a sheltered bay it's not easy to imagine why this quaint fishing village is the most popular attraction on the Amalfi Coast. With a direct hydrofoil link to Capri, and walking trails that follow the dramatic coastline many people go no further than Positano when they visit the area. Preferring to use Positano as their base.

But, many more delights await the visitor further along the coast at the important town of Amalfi that was once a major maritime republic that was a major rival to the Venetian mercantile empire, and high above Amalfi the peaceful town of Ravello that boasts some of the best views to be found along the Amalfi Coast. In the middle ages, Amalfi boasted a population of 50,000 people nd its towns buildings boast the influences of its trading partners. The Duomo, cathedral of Amalfi has an architecture form that reflects both Moorish and Gothic influences, in particular the delightful cloisters with their double columns. Like Positano, narrow alleyways lead off from the principal arteries of the town beckoning the visitor to explore them. And at every clearing a wonderful view of the town or coastline awaits you.

Ravello is perched on a high ridge above Amalfi enjoying stupendous views of the coastline, along with romantic gardens it possesses the peace and tranquillity that the other towns often lack. At the Villa Cimbrone, on the "belvedere of infinity" enjoy arguably the best view of the Amalfi Coast. Further along the coast for visitors spending a few days you might consider visiting Vietri sul Mare which is a major ceramics centre located about 9 miles from Amalfi.

How to get to the Amalfi Coast

Transfers / Tours from Rome & Naples

We can provide either straight transfers between Rome or Naples to the Amalfi Coast, or we can offer our popular transfer-tours that combine a transfer from Rome or Naples with tours of attractions en route. You could combine a tour of Pompeii with your journey own to the Amalfi Coast. For hikers, we could arrange a stop en route at Mt. Vesuvius to visit the crater of the Volcano before arriving on the Amalfi Coast. Customize your vacation to make the most of your time in Italy.

By Car

From Naples you'll take the S18 that by-passes Herculaneum & Pompeii en route to Sorrento where you'll drive up and over the peninsula on a tortuous road that twists it way along the Amalfi Coast through to the southern terminus the famed coastal highway at Salerno.

By Bus

The SITA bus company  operates buses from Naples to Sorrento and the rest of the Amalfi Coast. Journey times and schedules vary throughout the year. Buses depart for the Amalfi Coast from the Centrale railway station in Naples. By train it's only possible to travel as far as Sorrento, then you'll have to transfer to a local bus or hire a taxi.

Tourist Offices on the Amalfi Coast

Information centres for tourists on the Amalfi Coast where you can find maps and information on tourist attractions and events taking place during your stay.

Amalfi Tourist Office - via delle Repubbliche Marinare, tel: +39 089 871107

Ravello Tourist Office - Piazza Duomo, 10   tel: +39 089 857096

Sorrento Tourist Office - via Luigi di Maio, 35  tel: +39 081 8074033

Capri Tourist Office - Piazza Umberto I   tel: +39 081 8370686