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Travel insurance policies for tourists planning to visit Italy includes advise on why you need travel insurance cover, as well as what to check before buying travel insurance.

It's surprising the increasing number of people who travel without travel insurance. Someone may spend months planning a trip, spend a small fortune to have the vacation of their dreams and then, they don't take-out a simple travel insurance policy to protect them and their money from any unforeseen events. Without the proper travel insurance your vacation could turn into your worst nightmare.

The best travel insurance plan is a fully comprehensive policy that includes coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, default, trip delays and medical expenses. Without insurance and regardless of the reason you may loose all your money if you cancel a trip. If your trip is delayed and you incur extra expenses travel insurance will cover these expenses. It's always best to compare the fine print of each policy on offer and it's best to shop around to find the best value deal on travel insurance. It's always best to purchase your insurance directly from the company writing the policy.

When travelling overseas it's particularly important to have insurance coverage for medical expenses, and your policy should also include a waiver when possible for pre-existing conditions. Supplementary medical insurance will cover all your bills should you get sick or injured while travelling. US citizens should not that Medicare does not cover medical treatment needed outside the US, and nor do many privately issued policies.

Tip- Before making any purchase review your existing health and home-owners policies to find out whether you are already covered for the expenses you may incur while travelling.