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How to book reservations and tickets for the Colosseum on line! Take one of our regular group tours of the Colosseum or enjoy a private guided tour just for your family!

The Colosseum in Rome in peak season is open daily from 8.30 am until 7.00 pm in th evening. Many people who visit the Colosseum arrive without reservations and tickets, and as they approach the entrance they are typically greeted by a long line of people waiting to get into the Colosseum.

Waiting times to enter the Colosseum can be as long as two hours in high season, so it's best to book ahead to avoid having to stand under unrelenting sun in the summer heat of Rome. So how can you book reservations and tickets for the Colosseum on line?

Very simple! You can reserve one of our tours that features the Colosseum with one of local expert guides. The only way to truly appreciate the Colosseum and its unique history is with an expert guide who can help you to interpret these great works of art.

If you are just interested in only visiting the Colosseum during your stay in Rome you should either book our regular small group tour of Ancient Rome that includes the Colosseum & Ancient Roman Forum, or a Private Tour of Ancient Rome for your group and family.

If you want to enjoy a full introduction to Ancient Rome you should consider reserving our Private full day Rome tour by car and on foot that combines all the must-see sights of Rome including Ancient Rome the Colosseum with one of our expert local guides. When you reserve any of the above tours you won't have to worry about how to book a reservation or ticket for the Colosseum, because we will take care of it for you!

So plan before you get there! And why not make the most of your time in the Rome when you visit its celebrated Colosseum. Book one of our tours and enjoy a thoroughly entertaining guided tour of the Colosseum and avoid the long lines and hours of waiting by booking on line reservations and tickets for the Colosseum automatically when you reserve one of our tours.