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Tourist information on restaurants in Florence. Where we recommend to eat in Florence with a selection of restaurants located throughout the city centre of Florence that include both traditional restaurants and ethnic restaurants.

In order to truly get to know a place and its culture, you need to experience its cuisine. You cannot say you have visited Florence unless you've tried the local specialities in the restaurants. There are many traditional dishes, all very different. For tourists visiting Florence, it cannot be easy choosing what to eat; if you are looking to try authentic Tuscan cuisine, choosing where to eat can get really complicated.   From restaurants to taverns, inns to trattorias, and pubs to pizzerias, there are truly many places where you can enjoy the flavours of Florentine gastronomy.  

Visiting Florence means spending the day immersed in the beauty of the Uffizi Gallery just as much as it does try the juicy, bloody tenderness of a Florentine steak - maybe one of the most emblematic dishes of Tuscan cuisine, and particularly, of Florence itself.  But the food and wine tour of the Medici city does certainly not end here! In the many restaurants in Florence, you can try the wholesome, natural flavours of Tuscan cuisine which comes from the farms and the land; try zuppa ribollita or combine the refreshing delicateness of Panzanella with traditional schiacciata or pane sciocco, flushing everything down with an exceptional velvety glass of Chianti.

But if you really don't know what to eat in Florence or where to eat in Florence, don't worry - put your faith in destiny and rest assured that, no matter what restaurant you choose in Florence, you'll get to experience the flavours and scents behind the Italian cuisine everybody knows and loves:  aromatic olive oil from the Tuscan hills, thick tomato sauce which accompanies the fagioli all'uccelletto, and golden yellow pici, the traditional long pasta from Tuscany.

Here is some advice on the best restaurants in Florence where you can try the delicacies of Tuscan and Florentine cuisine.

City centre:
Pizzeria Ciro and sons: via del Giglio 28/r
Yellow Bar: via del Proconsolo 39/r
Mamma mia: piazza del Mercato Nuovo 18/r

Fashionable food:
Foody Farm: Lungarno Corsini 2/A
Fishing Lab, via del Proconsolo 16/r
Trattoria I 13 gobbi, via del Porcellana 9/r

Where to eat Bistecca alla fiorentina:
Marione, via della Spada 27/r
Da Mario, via Rosina 2/r
Trattoria dell’Oste, via de Cerchi 40/r
Trattoria Antico Fattore, via Lambertesca 1/r

Southern Florence:
Il Barrino, via Gioberti 71
Pizzeria La Luna, via Gioberti 93/r

Oltrarno restaurants:
Pizzeria O munaciello: via Maffia 31 r
Trattoria dell’Orto: via dell’Orto 35
Trattoria La Casalinga, via dei Michelozzi 9/r

Typical food to taste:
PAPPA AL POMODORO (tomatoes and bread)
RIBOLLITA (vegetable soup and bread)
TRIPPA and LAMPREDOTTO (interiors cooked in the traditional way)
FIORENTINA (best steak ever, in Tuscany meat has a great quality)