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Tourist information on restaurants in Florence. Where we recommend to eat in Florence with a selection of restaurants located throughout the city centre of Florence that include both traditional restaurants and ethnic restaurants.

The restaurants in the city of Florence, Italy offer the tourist a chance to savor the delicious local cuisine of Tuscany.Try to walk away from the tourist centre of Florence into the numerous quartiere, piazza's and neighborhoods where you'll find some delightful Trattorias and Osterias whose menu's offer great value for money.

Restaurant - I Latini
Via dei Pachetti 6r,
Florence , Italy
Tel: 055 210916
Approx: 30E pp
Owned by the Latini family, this Trattoria enjoys almost a legendary reputation. Dining at a long table, Italian family style dining and good home cooking that is popular with the Florentines as well as tourists.

Restaurant - Oliviero
Via delle Terme 51r,
Florence , Italy
Tel: 055 212421
Approx: 40E pp
Once the haunt of movie stars, the decor of the restaurant gives at least the sense of the Dolce Vita. Innovative menu which changes with the seasons.

Restaurant - Funiculi
Via Il Prato 81r,
Florence , Italy
Tel: 055 2646553
Approx: 15E pp
Pizzeria par excellence. Neopolitan style pizzeria with buffalo mozzarella and puff crusted pizzas

Restaurant - Da Sergio
Piazza San Lorenzo 8r,
Florence , Italy
Tel: 055 281941
Approx: 20E pp
Nothing fancy, but just good home cooking at a reasonable price.

Restaurant - Alle Murate
Via Ghebellina 52r,
Florence , Italy
Tel: 055 240618
Approx: 63E pp
Creative cooking, great wine cellar make this restaurant great value for money

Restaurant - Enoteca Pinchiorri
Via Ghebellina 87,
Florence, Italy
Tel: 055 242777
Approx: 180E
In a class of its own. Set in an inner courtyard, ideal for a romantic dinner.

Restaurant - Osteria Santo Spirito
Piazza Santa Spirito 16r,
Florence, Italy
Tel: 055 2382383
Approx: 26E pp
This popular trattoria is in a lively part of town and offers good value for money.

Restaurant - Da Ruggero
Via Senese 89r,
Florence , Italy
Tel: 055 220542
Approx: 25E pp
A rustic trattoria outside the main walls of Florence offers a true taste of the country.

Restaurant - La Casalinga
Via del Michelozzo 9r,
Florence , Italy
Tel: 055 218624
Approx: 20E pp
Wholesome home cooking just over the Ponte Vecchio from the city centre.

Restaurant - Pane & Vino
Via del San Niccolu 70r
Florence , Italy
Tel: 055 2476956
Approx: 33E pp

One of the best value for money restaurants in town, with an innovative menu.