October 10th, 2020


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Italy is perhaps most famous for its diverse selection of wines.

From delicious deep-bodied reds, to a lighter, fruiter white, there’s an Italian wine for everyone, and for every occasion, too. As big fans of Italian wine at Avventure Bellissime, we’ve picked our top five wine varieties to highlight why we love Italian wine the best


From the Piedmont region in Italy, Barolo is a lovely red wine, and it’s perhaps the most famous of the wines on our list. Made from Nebbiolo, Barolo hails from the northwest of the country and it’s one of the most age able wines in the world. Barolo is rich, and full-bodied and one of the most famous producers of this wine variety,Fontanafredda, described it as: ‘…a lovely person who needs to be discovered little by little. Every time you open a bottle of Barolo, it gives off unique emotions and sensations.’


The second wine on our list is another favourite of ours. Made with Sangiovese, in Tuscany, Brunello is produced in the vineyards surrounding the medieval town of Montalcino. Madein central Italy, wine enthusiasts describe Brunello as having both juicy and spicy notes. It’s a much darker red than the Barolo, but over time a Brunello will mellow out, becoming pale and brick red with aromas of fig, espresso, and sweet tobacco.


Made with dried grapes in the Veneto region of Italy, Amarone is a powerful red with bold flavours. This isn’t a cheap Italian wine, but the price is oh so worth it! With notes of chocolate, brown sugar, and black cherry, Amarone really is a delicious Italian wine, and certainly one of favourites. To make the most out of this wine, make sure to pour into an oversized glass to release its full bouquet of flavours.

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When it comes to Italian white wine, you’ve likely sampled its most famous export: Pinot Grigio. But there are far more exciting white wines from Italy on offer, and one of the ones we’ve enjoyed the most is Falanghina. Grown in the South of Italy, in the Campania region, this wine boast peach and yellow-plum fruit and aniseed hints. Pair this wine with smoked fish and creamy pasta sauces.


Similar to the Brunello, the Barbaresco is also produced in the Piedmont region of Italy and it’s also made with Nebbiolo. It’s considered by many wine connoisseurs to be one of Italy’s best wines, with a ruby red colour and a medium-bodied finish. According to Ian D’Agata, wine drinkers would ‘do well to fill up their glasses, and their wine cellars, with (Barbaresco)… there are fewer wines made anywhere in the world that will guarantee as much pleasure.

So, those are our five favourite wines. Each one unique, distinctive, and most importantly, Italian. But our list is certainly not exhaustive and with so many Italian regions producing wine we have a diversity and grape variety you’d struggle to find anywhere else in the world.

If our roundup of Italian wines didn’t include one you’d love to try, don’t worry. Our advice would be, take a trip to Italy where there are plenty of wines you can pick from!


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