May 19th, 2015


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Many people love travelling in Italy because of the incredible (and delectable!) diversity of regional Italian cuisine and wonderful wine vacations in the Italian wine regions, while others are drawn to the rich history and opportunities to see some of the world’s greatest works of art in Italian museums and churches.

Those are not the only senses to be dazzled on Italy Tours and Italy Vacation Packages, however. If you love music, planning an Italian vacation in summer gives you countless opportunities to enjoy a wide range of music at concerts, festivals, and venues of all sizes.

Rome is always exciting to visit in summer, with live music of all descriptions throughout the city in cafes, concert halls, and piazzas (squares). One of the highlights that draws rock fans from around the world is Rock in Roma, which runs this year from June 16 to July 18.

The 2015 line-up for Rock in Roma is incredible and includes headliners such as Sam Smith, Lenny Kravitz, Muse, Slash, Slipknot, Jaz, The Chemical Brothers, and more.

For those looking to hear music that is a little more classical, Verona has a celebrated Arena Opera Festival and Philharmonic Festival, which run from June to September and feature internationally renowned performers and musicians.

Music students who study voice or opera, chamber music, winds, piano, or visual arts have an opportunity to enjoy classes and workshops during the celebrated Amalfi Coast Music & Arts Festival in July. The festival also features concerts and events that travellers who appreciate aspiring talent may enjoy.

Internationally renowned musicians mentor young classical musicians during the InterHarmony Music Festival in Tuscany as well as in Bavaria, Germany and New York. This summer festival features a concert series showcasing both solo professional musicians and young performers.

Music is abundant for those vacationing in marvelous Milan. While it is perhaps best known for the prestigious Teatro alla Scala opera house, known widely as simply La Scala, there are many other musical concert stages in addition to this top-rated classical venue.

If you like jazz as well as classical music, the Auditorium di Vittorio della Camera del Lavoro offers regular performances to an audience of a few hundred. The arts scene is vibrant in Milan, with many smaller venues featuring guest musicians and poets, and larger musical acts including international rock and pop stars taking the stage at the Mediolanum Forum.

Don’t forget the world has come to Milan this summer at Expo 2015. The exposition site has its own Open-Air Theater, which holds 11,000 for a variety of outdoor concerts, theatrical performances, and official ceremonies.

No matter which cities or regions are featured on the itinerary of your Italy vacation packages, our exceptional Avventure Bellissime Italy tour guides will be able to let you know about where to go for nightlife, musical performances of all kinds, or special summer music festivals or concerts.

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