June 06th, 2016


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Italy is well known for its art, ancient architecture, beautiful scenery, music, balmy weather……and its food.

At Avventure Bellissime, we know that whether it’s the raw ingredients grown in Italy or the finished recipes, Italian food is the best in the world. Here’s why:


The quality of the ingredients used in Italian food makes the finished product very special. All Italian recipes are about enhancing the good ingredients they involve.


Italian foods are simple. Italian recipes usually involve only 4-8 ingredients at any one time. The focus always remains on the quality of the food – not how elaborate a dish might be.


Quality ingredients + simplicity of the recipes = fantastic tasting food.


Italy and the Italians have a passion for food. That’s why it is not unusual to find families sitting down to 9 course meals in Italy.


Traditional Italian food is central to traditional Italian family life. And good Italian food is made using traditional methods. Even mass produced products are mindful of the traditional methods of food preparation and production.


The Italian and Mediterranean diet has long been held up as a fantastic example of healthy eating. Italian recipes are rich in olive oils instead of other fats, they are almost always made from scratch so there are no artificial ingredients and no processed foods involved. And there are plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables involved.


It’s home grown and beautifully enhances the Italian food. In fact there’s a wine for every dish / course in the traditional Italian meal.

Visit Italy’s food capital - Bologna

It is no wonder that the Italians claim to have taught Europe how to cook. And there’s no better way to experience Italy’s food than with a visit to Bologna – Italy’s food capital. Avventure Bellissime offer a fantastic walking tour of Bologna where you’ll be able to experience the city’s highlights as well as its beautiful food market district which is brimming with restaurants, markets, bakeries and fancy food shops.Visit Florence’s food markets

Visit Florence’s food markets

Avventure Bellissime also offer a private walking tour of the wonderful food markets of Florence. Guided by a local chef, you’ll be able to explore the San Lorenzo and Sant’Ambrogio food markets where you’ll mix with the locals buying fresh pasta and vegetables. On the way you’ll meet the characters and get to enjoy the local cuisine.


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