June 29th, 2017


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From secret grottoes, to hidden coves, here’s the Avventure Bellissime guide to Capri’s hidden gems…

Situated in the Bay of Naples, the island of Capri is famous for its high-end hotels and bars and its luxury boutiques. But, far off the beaten track, in amongst the grand old villas and the rural untamed countryside, there’s much to see, too. From secret grottoes, to hidden coves, here’s the Avventure Bellissime guide to Capri’s hidden gems…

The Blue Grotto

We’ll start with an obvious one: The Blue Grotto. A famous tourist destination, this unique cove has to be seen when visiting Capri. Considered to be a modern wonder of the world, The Blue Grotto is best accessed by sea. You’ll get to view some of the coastline that Capri is famous for en route to the grotto.

No description will quite do The Blue Grotto justice. It’s a sparkling cavern, lit by natural blue azure light and it’s certainly the most famous of Capri’s gems. But for first time visitors, the grotto provides a perfect introduction to what this lovely Italian island has to offer.


Pizzolungo is a footpath that wraps around the south side of Capri, and it provides hikers with stunning views of the Sorrentine Peninsula, and the Faraglioni (the three, tall, towering stacks of rock that rise up from the Tyrrhenian Sea).

The Pizzolungo offers visitors to Capri the chance to experience a more rural side to the island, far away from the luxuries of Capri Town. You’ll pass traditional Italian villas, small shops and wonderful restaurants, and you’ll even explore caves and see the Natural Arch, another magnificent rock formation.

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Villa Jovis

There’s history to Capri and the island was a well-loved retreat in Roman times. So much so that Emperor Tiberius built his own private villa here in AD 27. For 10 years, Tiberius ruled from Capri until his death in AD 37. But, the ruins of his villa still exist and visitors to Capri can climb the marble steps and explore what’s left of the villa.

When visiting Villa Jovis, take a moment to imagine what it was like when Tiberius lived there. The Emperor had a north-facing apartment with stunning views out over the Bay of Naples. This was true luxury living in a location fit for an Emperor!

Eremo di Santa Maria a Centralla

This is a hard place to visit, as it’s only open to the public at select times. Staffed only by volunteers, this rural monastery is something special indeed. Far from the glitz and glamour and hustle and bustle of Capri’s more famous haunts, this lovely religious site provides some welcome peace and quiet when visiting Capri.

Capri is well known for its shops, its luxury boutiques, and its high-end bars and hotels. But there’s another side to the island too and we’ve listed but a few of the island’s hidden gems. If you’d like to see more of what Capri has to offer, get in touch with Avventure Bellissime and we’ll help you find the very best Italy holiday package for you.