June 13th, 2016


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Until you can “beat the heat” with a summer vacation in Italy, we have some fabulous, refreshing Italy-inspired summer drinks and wines to keep you cool in the meantime - Italian style!

Naturally there is an Italian wine for every occasion, and we suggest gleaning inspiration for which ones to try from some of our world-renowned Italy wine regions vacation itineraries. There are also many other Italian drinks to enjoy when the temperature rises, whether you are in our bel paese or enjoying a staycation in your own hometown.

Luscious Limoncello

The best place to try Limoncello, Italy’s famous luscious frosted lemon beverage, is on the amazing Amalfi Coast where the lemons are freshly harvested, but if you’re not in Italy give this easy-to-follow Limoncello recipe from the Expo Milan 2015 world recipes page a try - a cinch to whip up in your own backyard.

(Lucky enough to be planning a trip to Italy? Check out our popular restorative getaway to the stunning Amalfi Coast where you can sip Limoncello with the locals.)

Cue the Andrea Bocelli CD for ambience because while this recipe only requires lemons, vodka, sugar and water there is a bit of prep time as you leave the lemon zest to soak in the liquor for eight days before boiling the mixture with the sugar and water and letting it sit another eight days.

But, as they say, good things come to those who wait and it’s worth trying this generations-old recipe. As the Divina Cucina, a Californian Italy food blogger and pastry chef now loving life under the Tuscan sun, explains limoncello is traditionally kept icy cold. You can keep your bottle in the freezer where the alcohol will prevent it from turning to ice completely.

Cocktails for Adventurous Palates

Cocktails for Adventurous PalatesWhile you wait for your Limoncello to be ready to enjoy in tiny glasses after your favorite Italian meal, Saveur magazine gives simple how-to instructions for other popular Italian cocktails.There’s the classic Negroni, created in Florence nearly a century ago, which is a glorious pink, slightly sweet cocktail made with equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. Close your eyes as you sip this and imagine you’re relaxing after an afternoon shopping on the historic Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

Along with the delectable flavors of icy gelato that made our top 10 reasons to enjoy summer in Italy you’ll find a delicious Venetian summer cocktail called the Bellini. All you need to cool down with a Bellini is peach puree and sparkling wine (ideally from the spectacular Prosecco wine region of course!), though some bartenders get creative and add peach brandy or mulled cider syrup for variety.

We found it interesting that the UK’s House and Garden magazine calls an Italian cocktail the drink for summer. Their quick and easy-to-follow guide for creating an Aperol Spritz will have you sipping a light, sweet drink made from just a few ingredients (Prosecco, Aperol and soda water garnished with a slice of orange). This drink’s low alcohol content is ideal for warm summer days and nights, perfect to enjoy before or after you indulge in your favorite dish from Italy’s diverse culinary traditions.

Below, a group of happy Tours Italy travelers enjoy a glass of Prosecco during their Avventure Bellissime Wine Region Tour!

You might also want to check out celebrated Italian-American chef Mario Batali’s Italian-inspired version of a Sea Breeze cocktail on his website. To make his highball a little more Italiano he mixes grappa with the Amaro Averna, lime, grapefruit and cranberry juice. Enjoy grappa Mario’s way until you can make Venice your next Italy vacation to try sipping some in the foothills of the spectacular Dolomite Mountains.

Do all these mouth watering Italian summer drinks make you want to book an Italian summer holiday? A little strategic planning can help you stay cool during a hot Italian summer.

Our Italy tour specialists can’t wait to help you discover the best of summer in Italy. Browse our Italy vacation packages or create a custom itinerary now by visiting Avventure Bellissime online to build your very own Italy vacation.