Private Venice Grand Canal & Minor Canals Boat Tour

Private Venice Grand Canal & Minor Canals Boat Tour

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Our expert tour guides offer an unparalleled experience on the private boat tour of the Grand canal Venice, taking you through its iconic Grand Canal, Rialto bridge and picturesque small canals.
This private two-hour tour will guide you through the historic Jewish Ghetto in the Cannaregio district. You'll get to see a glimpse of a traditional gondola ride shipyard, and be provided with majestic views of the renowned Arsenal and other famous sites from the comfort of your private boat tour

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2 hours

Private Venice Grand Canal & Minor Canals Boat Tour

From: 92.00

Duration: 2 hours

Highlights & Includes Highlights & Includes
  • Local Tour Guide: Our knowledgeable and friendly English speaking guide will lead you through this tour of Venice, sharing fascinating historical facts as you sail the winding canals.
  • Private Motor-Boat: Cruise the hidden canals of Venice in style and comfort aboard a motor-boat, offering ample seating, unobstructed views, and a smooth ride.
  • Scenic Route: Discover the Grand Canal and lesser-known back canals, exploring hidden gems and iconic landmarks alike as you glide through the city's intricate waterways.
Tour Overview Tour Overview

An Unforgettable Sightseeing Experience: Grand Canal & Minor Canals

These private two-hour boat tours of Venice present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if you're seeking an immersive city sightseeing experience. As you gracefully glide along the iconic Grand Canal and the enchanting minor canals, you'll uncover the hidden gems, stunning architecture, and picturesque corners of this captivating city, all while creating lasting memories.

Accompanied by one of our expert local guides, enjoy a captivating, informative, and entertaining private boat tour of the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Venice's historic main artery. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of stories, art, and culture that define this magical city as you delve into the authentic, lesser-known side of Venice, far from the bustling crowds of St. Mark's Square. Experience the true spirit and charm of La Serenissima as your knowledgeable tour guide brings its fascinating past and vibrant heritage to life.

Intimate and Unique Exploration of Venice's Beauty, History, and Art

On these 2-hour Private Venice Boat tours, you'll enjoy an intimate and unparalleled journey through the world's most beautiful city. As you cruise down the Grand Canal, you'll be introduced to the splendid palaces adorned with intricate frescoes, magnificent churches showcasing awe-inspiring architecture, lush gardens revealing serene retreats, centuries-old bridges connecting the city's diverse neighborhoods, and historic warehouses that whisper tales of Venice's thriving past.

Learn about the many famous individuals who called Venice home, the intriguing stories they left behind, and the rich past that lies beneath the prestigious buildings' stunning facades.

Discover Lesser-Known Parts of Venice, Local Culture, and Timeless Traditions

After the Grand Canal boat tour, venture into some of the city's lesser-known areas on our Private Venice Boat tours, as you follow a meandering route through the smaller canals that crisscross the city. Visit the historic Jewish Ghetto in the Cannaregio district of Venice, where you'll be transported back in time as you wander through its narrow streets and alleys. Explore the vibrant San Polo district, where you'll marvel at the charming cobblestone streets and some of Venice's oldest buildings.

Sail along the Giudecca Canal, admiring the mesmerizing play of light on Palladio's Redentore and San Giorgio churches, while gaining insights into the city's artistic heritage. Immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions as you navigate through Venice's enchanting waterways, capturing the essence of La Serenissima.

Convenient Tour Conclusion and Personalized Experience Catered to Your Interests

These two-hour private Venice boat tours can conclude at your centrally located hotel or in the city center, should you wish to further explore Venice and Saint Mark's Square, or Doge's Palace on foot.

Enjoy a seamless transition from your memorable private tour, to your next adventure in this captivating city. Additionally, our expert guides are committed to tailoring the tour to your interests, ensuring a truly personalized experience that highlights the wonders of Venice that resonate with you.

Whether it's art, history, architecture, or local culture, our guides will create a memorable and engaging tour just for you.

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Your English speaking guide will come and meet you in the lobby of your centrally located Hotel

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  • This tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities. However, please contact us directly and we will be able to take you on alternative routes suitable for you.
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Mr Douglas Welch
Apr 16 2019

Both our driver and tour guide were excellent. We had a perfect day out with an amazing slice of Venice viewed from the water. Highly recommend if you have limited time in Venice.

Mr Paul Roiter
Jan 21 2019

Great guide with lot's of local knowledge. The 2 hour tour just flew by and we enjoyed every moment. A Beautiful boat with Convenient pick and drop off location.

Ms Molly Michalak
Nov 05 2018

What a fabulous way to see Venice!! Our guide, Christina was so friendly and knowledgeable. Seeing Venice by boat on a number of different canals while hearing so many stories about the history and current life was the best way to start our visit in town. Highly recommend this tour and our guide!