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Agents Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with travel agents?

Do you pay commissions to travel agents?

What is your cancellation policy?

If my client decides not to take a tour or part of it, is there any refund I can ask for?

How do I book a tour for my client online?

How can I book more than one tour in the same reservation?

How can I access to my travel agent reserved area?

Where can I visualize my NET reserved rates on the online booking process?

Can I secure my booking with an initial deposit and pay afterwards?

Do I need a PayPal account for my online reservations?

Can I pay with the clients’ credit card? Or, do I have to pay with my corporate credit card?

While booking online where do I add the lead traveler’s name if I am paying with my corporate credit card?

In which currency will I pay for my customers’ tours?

How do I get a custom quotation?

How do you send out travel documentation?

Do my clients need to present Avventure Bellissime voucher at the meeting point? Or, can I use my corporate vouchers?

Does my client need travel insurance?

What are the rates you apply for travel agents personal tours?