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The main tourist attractions of Milan as well as ideas on things to see & do while visiting Milan, Italy.

One of the main tourist attractions of Milan is the Duomo, or cathedral of Milan is Italy's largest Gothic structure. It's fascinating and intricate architecture overwhelms visitors to the city. Initiated in the 14th Century it wasn't actually completed until the mid-nineteenth Century. It's sheer size and complexity makes it one of the mightiest Gothic buildings ever created with space for up to 40, 000 worshippers inside its structure. Although on most days its tranquil and provides a perfect interlude from the noisy streets of Milan. The things to see an do at this church is take an elevator ride to the roof of the Duomo where you gaze out through a forest of marble pinnacles.

The Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele is another of Milan's tourist attractions for many reasons. It's architecture dating from the 19th Century in the form of its glass-topped roof must have inspired many modern-day architects, its shops and galleries are ideal places to people watch as the Milanese go about their daily lives and it's also home to the famous Scala Opera house that was recently re-opened. A thing to do in Milan is to attend an opera at the celebrated venue.

The Pinoteca di Brera is another of one of Milan's big tourist attractions. It houses important works by the likes of Raphael, Piero della Francesca's Madonna with Saints and Angels, and the moving Dead Christ by Mantegna. This painting is one of the Renaissance movements finest paintings finding an unsuspecting passion and sublime in representing the Passions saddest moment.

In the nearby streets, close to the Pinoteca, you'll find a less visited tourist attraction of Milan. It's Latin quarter is made up of narrow streets lined with boutiques, craft shops, cafes, restaurants and music clubs. A long time hunt of artists and musicians it's like a Milanese version of Greenwich village. Another area to explore on foot is the Navigli District a romantic neighbourhood in the southern part of the city whose canals are lined with fashionable boutiques and shops.

But, probably the most famous of the tourist attractions of Milan is Leonardo da Vinci's last supper housed at Santa Maria delle Grazie. Thanks to recent best-selling books its enjoying even greater attention in recent years for visiting tourists to Milan. It certainly lives up to its reputation of one of the things to see while visiting Milan. It's dramatic confusion and mathematical order underline its mystery with the skilful and unobtrusive repetition of threes in the windows, grouping of figures and in their placement. On our Private Milan Walking Tour you can enjoy a walking tour of the city that includes a visit to Da Vinci's last supper.

The Castello Sforzesco is another things to see in Milan. A tourist attraction that sheds light on Milan's most famous son and probably Milan's most important of the cities history. Francesco Sforza, the fourth duke of Milan typified the mercenary spirit of the warriors during the Renaissance period. A time when Italy's great soldiers were hired mercenaries and Francesco was considered one of the greatest and most honest. The castle boasts works attributed to both Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.