March 16th, 2022


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Can you imagine Italy without wine? Neither can we. Tuscany is the number one wine destination in Italy but to fully understand the special link that exists between the winemaker, the vines and the land, you need to go local. Wine is like people – by visiting wineries in Italy you will experience the essence of what it means to be Italian.


Best way to visit wineries in Tuscany 

Anyone remember Kevin Kline’s Luc Teyssier, the winemaker and thief, in “French kiss”?  In one of his best lines to Meg Ryan he says:  wine is like people. The vine takes all the influences in life all around it, it absorbs them, and it gets its personality. Though the movie takes place in France, that line could easily apply to Italy, too.  Taste the wine to understand local people. If you are looking for wineries to visit in Tuscany in Italy, follow this simple rule: the more local you go the more authentic experience you will get. Don’t just taste the wine and leave. Don’t rush – you are on holiday! Try different labels and lose yourself in various flavours and aromas of the wine. Breathe the herbal scents in the air and absorb the beauty that surrounds you. The wine you drink will reflect it all. When enjoying your Tuscany winery visit combine wine tasting with typical Tuscan food to discover how a perfect pairing of the right wine and recipe make a perfect union.  A complete sensory experience is what makes a difference!

How to visit wineries in Tuscany 

It all depends on what type of wine lover you are. Most people are just casual wine drinkers who are visiting Tuscany during their once in a lifetime Italian trip. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary or a honeymoon you will be more than happy with a classic Tuscany winery visit featuring the tour of the vineyard and tasting of most representative labels. Visiting a family-run estate with a small production will give you the best taste of Tuscany.  We recommend adding a typical Tuscan meal to complete the experience. True wine enthusiasts will have enough knowledge to distinguish between various types of grapes and wine regions and they are likely to know a lot about the wine making process. Experienced connoisseurs will look for best wineries to visit in Tuscany that produce very specific labels and they will build their entire trip around visiting only these particular wineries. Bottom line – let your wine interests dictate how you explore Tuscany and you will be just fine!

Top wineries to visit in Tuscany 

We are not big enthusiasts of lists like top 10 wineries to visit in Tuscany. Why? Because wine tasting is too much of a subjective experience to reduce it to a list. What we can do is offer helpful suggestions about what to look for when planning your perfect Tuscan wine experience. There are various factors that influence your holiday choices and time is one of them. Most people have only a few days in Tuscany at disposal so covering all that this region has to offer is impossible. We recommend selecting one major wine arealike Chianti , Val d’Orcia or Bolgheri depending on the type of wine you are most interested in.  If you favour the red wine you will likely look for the best Brunello di Montalcino wineries to visit.  Admire the Montalcinovineyards Montalcino from the elevation of 500m at Poggio Antico winery. Stop at the organic and biodynamic farm of Piombaia where horses run free and rhythms of nature are rediscovered. Chianti wine and Sangiovese grape lovers will find an abundance of customer-friendly estates. Best wineries to visit in Chianti? They are all special in their unique way. Local winemakers have been welcoming travelers for years. Stop at Querceto di Castellina estate for a sip of Chianti classico and a culinary journey about rustic Tuscan cuisine. Enjoy wine tasting at Castello Monterinaldi farm situated near an ancient Etruscan route. Super Tuscan wine lovers will of course head to Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci. As these wines are expensive and visits are often difficult to book, opt for smaller, family-runwineries like Caccia al Piano or Le Macchiole. 

Tuscany winery visit: more than just wine tasting 

Touring the wine country is not about searching for must visit wineries in Tuscany. Behind every wine estate lies a story. Chat with the winemaker and ask about the origins of the winery or their family history. Upgrade your Tuscan experiences to not only include wine tasting but become a pruner for a day, take cooking classes, visit organic cheese farms to taste Pecorino or book a truffle hunting experience.  Many estates offer accommodation options, some are even located in former castles! Plan accordingly and if time allows try to spend at least a few days in the countryside – you won’t be disappointed!

Are you wondering which wineries to visit in Tuscany, Italy?  Avventure Bellissime staff will be happy to assist you with your planning!  Explore a variety of options for foodies and read past travel stories shared by our happy guests. Contact our tour advisors now!