January 31st, 2022


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Food tastes better if you eat it with your family. Italian cuisine is like Italian dialects – it is varied. From North to South every region , every town has its own local language and special dish. Roll up your sleeves and create lifetime memories learning the secret Italian recipes and tasting what you have prepared. Hands-on cooking classes in Italy for families are the best way to appreciate the culinary culture of the Boot.


Cooking holidays in Italy 

Tired of visiting the sights? Do you just want your family to have fun and taste an authentic Italian meal? Combine these two ingredients in one special activity: a food experience. A variety of options await you. From food market tours in Florence and Palermo to cooking classes and cheese tasting in Tuscany and organic farm stays with lemon picking and mozzarella cheese making in the Amalfi coast. A special and unique bond exists between Italians and food and though it’s a good start, a simplemeal in a restaurant is just not enough.  Family cooking vacations in Italy are an authentic and fun way of touring and understanding a country. Don your apron and cook with the locals while they share not only the centuries-long culinary tradition but also the history and customs of their family and land. 

Cooking vacations in Southern Italy: more than just cooking  

Naples is considered the birthplace of pizza. It was the local working class population that ate pizza and honed the Italian recipe.  However the city can offer so much more! Spend a foodie morning with a family-friendly guide visiting a typical grocery market and tasting local finger food and of course – the famous sfogliatella pastry! If you are interested in food and wine holidays in Italy, the Amalf coast is the perfect destination for you.Spend a full day with your family in a farmhouse overlooking the Naples bay and surrounded by lemon and olive groves. Visit the estate and learn how to use seasonal vegetables to create a perfect sauce for your pasta. If you are staying in Sorrento a friendly chef will teach you all about pizza and gnocchi making – it’s an ideal option for families with kids! Travellers touring Sicily can rely on plenitude of kid-friendly experiences ranging from Mt. Etna cooking classes at an olive oil farm to chocolate hands-on classes in Modica. Cooking vacations in Southern Italy cannot be complete without stopping in Puglia. Combine sports and food and spend a glorious day exploring the wonders of Itria Valley on two wheels, visiting a local olive oil farm and enjoying a typical lunch featuring orecchiette pasta. 

Kids cooking class in Italy in the Eternal City  

You wouldn’t necessarily think about Rome as a place where to schedule a family cooking experience but you might be surprised!  When you have toured the Colosseum, tossed a coin into Trevi Fountain and marveled at the awe-inspiring Sistine Chapel, it’s time to relax and what better way to do it than by making ice-cream and Italian biscotti cookies. After all, food can definitely be listed among the most precious Italian wonders!  Your kids will love every minute of the class as they pick the ingredients and favourite flavours. At the end of the class you will be handed the recipes so that all your family can continue making ice-cream at home! Family cooking vacations in Italy are as much about learning the recipes as they are about understanding andselecting the ingredients. Visit a typical farmer’s market in Campo de’ Fiori and learn how seasonal herbs and vegetables influence the Roman menu. Stop in a local deli shop to taste supplì: fried rice balls with mozzarella cheese. Conclude your experience with kneading the dough and learning the craft of fresh pasta making. When in Rome, don’t forget about visiting a pastry shop to try maritozzo filled with lots of delicious cream!

Cooking and wine tasting holidays in Italy with kids?   

As a wine lover you might be wondering how to taste Italian wine when traveling with kids. Easy! Italian wineries and cooking schools love children and offer lots of kid-friendly solutions. While the adults learn how to distinguish between various wine labels, kids will taste seasonal lemonade or juice.  One of the regions perfectly combining food and wine experiences is Emilia-Romagna. Your cooking holidays in Italy could feature a Bologna cookery masterclass where your family members can learn how to prepare one of local iconic dishes like lasagna or tortellini accompanied by Pignoletto wine for the adults. We recommend avisit to a Parmesan or vinegar factory to further explore this less known region that abounds in food experiences for families. 

Are you planning some family cooking holidays in Italy but need a helping hand? Avventure Bellissime staff is at your disposal to craft your perfect vacation!  Explore a variety of options for foodies and read past travel stories shared by our happy guests. Contact our tour advisors now!