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March 04th, 2022


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Hiking in nature is a powerful experience. It gives your soul a boost and it sharpens your mind as you navigate the trail like you navigate your life. The Amalfi Coast is the land of natural wonders and the Path of the Gods hike from Praiano can easily be listed among the most stunning itineraries in Italy. Strap on your backpack and head out on the trail!

Path of the Gods hike Italy: a legend 

Once upon a time sirens Once upon a time si from Li Galli Islands tried to seduce Ulysses during his journey.Greek Gods descended  from Mt Olympus in order to help Ulysses and his man and save them fromthe sirens. Their steps formed what we call today:  Il sentiero degli Dei. Many legends surround the origins of the Path of the Gods hike, with some people believing that criminals and outlaws would hide here. Undoubtedly this cliff top trail is, first and foremost, a testament to human creativity and a reminder of how people had to prevail over nature in order to travel in the Amalfi coast. 

Walk the Path of the Gods:  between heaven and earth

“A road hanging over  the Gulf of Sirens, cut through memory and myth even now”. The words of the famous Italian writer Italo Calvino perfectly express the uniqueness and heavenly aspect of the trail. Whether you start your Path of the Gods tour from Positano or Praiano, one thing is certain: it’s a beautiful adventure on the Amalfi Coast! The trail will take you through rural hamlets and ancient mule routes, far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy season. Curiously, you can still find ruins of the abandoned houses  and shelters carved in stone along the way. Farmers who lived here used to raise goats and cultivate grapes, lemons and olives trees . Eventually they would abandon this challenging environment for an easier life in local towns. The Path of the Gods hike on Amalfi Coast abounds in a variety of terrains combining fruit trees, herbs, green hills, terraced farmsand crops.  When you least expect it, the greenery will open up suddenly to dazzling views of the sea,  dramatic cliff tops and hillsides. Between the turquoise blue sea and the sky it truly does feel like walking on clouds! 

Path of Gods Bomerano to Positano

Now that you have had your fair share of limoncello and pizza, it’s time to burn those carbs! You can start your Path of the Gods tour from various locations depending first of all on your fitness level and if you prefer to stroll downhill rather than climb. The main part of the hike is located between the small villages of Bomerano (near Agerola) and Nocelle (located above Positano).Hikers will usually hike from Bomerano to Nocelle as the route is easier than if you hike in the opposite direction.  If you plan to start Path of Gods from Praiano or Positano be warned:  a steep staircase of over 1500 steps awaits you before you reach the trail!  For a stress-free experience and to avoid over-exercising, consider scheduling a hike with a local hiking guide and transportation included so that you can travel comfortably from your accommodation and start the hike directly from Bomerano.The trail goes up and down and will vary in difficulty. From Nocelle you can either meet your driver for a return transfer to your hotel or proceed along the Nocelle to Positano:  Path of Gods extension that will have you descend down many steps to the northern section of Positano. This scenic route offers stunning views of the coast and this is where where you can take your perfect pic of “vertical” Positano. 

Path of the Gods Italy: what to expect?

Peace, silence andso many emotions! You will feel like you areon top of the world.The trail is approx 7km long and can be at times pretty rocky and uneven so decent hiking shoes are recommended. Experienced hikers will find it easy, people reasonably fit shouldn’t have any difficulty either.  Path of Gods hike from Positano and then Nocelle is more challenging and is recommended to very fit hikers only. An early departure is the best option to avoid heat and more crowded hours on the trail. We recommend touring in the spring or autumn months to take advantage of the most colorful seasons and pleasant temperatures. A bottle of water, snacks and sunscreen are a must! 

Wondering how to organize your Path of the Gods Sorrento Italy experience?  We are here to help you!  Explore a variety of tours for nature lovers and let the beautiful memories shared by our happy guests inspire your future travels. Get in touch with our tour advisors now!